What Damier tote-style bag do you like best?

  1. What Damier tote-style bag do you like best? I like the BH a lot but think I'd prefer a Damier tote-style bag.
  2. Definitely the Saleya!!! The other ones are all too big IMO (the manosque, the chelsea and the uzes)
  3. I love the Chelsea, it's absolutely fabulous. It's also very practical and a great size!
  4. Chelsea!! I think it is an absolutley GORGEOUS bag.!!!
  5. Chelsea. Gorgeous bag. Great for everyday and travel.
  6. i love the Saleya most!
  7. I have a Saleya GM and I love it more than any other tote I've ever owned!
  8. I love my Saleya PM!!
  9. Saleya all the way. Gorgeous, lightweight, comfortable, and that sexy alcantara red lining. Parfait.
  10. I adore my Chelsea and think it is the perfect tote!
  11. Chelsea.

    But if anything, I'd SO a cabas mezzo like Ms. Beyonce !
  12. Chelsea is my fav.
  13. Chelsea. I'm really not a fan of the saleya. (Sorry)
  14. seems like people so far are split between the saleya and the chelsea so you should get both!!! LOL!
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