What daily vitamins do you take and why?

  1. Do any of you take vitamins? I was thinking of stopping by GNC and picking up some, but was wondering if theres anything in particular that women should use?
  2. I take B-complex,and multivitamin from GNC.
  3. I take an all-natural liquid vitamin and mineral supplement. It has mangosteen, aloe vera and green tea in it.
  4. I take One a Day for Women's with Viactiv (calcium supplement).
  5. I take a multi vitamin (centrum) and then also a super B-complex and a Vitamin C with bioflavanoids. And, I try to take a Zinc supplement but they often make me nauseous.

    I think women are supposed to focus on getting enough calcium and getting enough iron...
  6. One a Day for women's :smile:
  7. Rainbow Light Women's 1 a Day multi (food-based), and their Calcium, also. It is definitely worth it to buy a high quality vitamin, as it will probably be better absorbed by your body. Do the glass of water test: put one vitamin in a glass of water and let it stand overnight. If it does not dissolve in that time, it won't break down in your body either, and you won't be able to absorb it (and you are wasting your money).

    Some other good brands are Nature's Life, Nature's Plus, and Source Naturals. You can find them in a vitamin or health food store. (I used to be the manager of the vitamin dept in a health food store)
  8. I take: an Executive Stress B (has high doses of all B vitamins)
    a 500mg vitamin C
    a 1000mg Evening Primrose oil

    EVERY DAY!! It is quite annoying actually because they cost a fortune but as a kid my mum made us all take about 6 different vitamins a day and now I feel lost without them!
  9. To answer your question, EPO is good for balancing female hormones and reducing PMS symptoms.

    Also vitamin C cannot be made by the body and isn't stored so it is a good idea to take it as well.
  10. Yes, I take both a multi vitamin and a multi mineral supplement every day.
  11. I take a multivitiam and Vitamin C. Espically Vitiamin C for the winter season, when people tend to get sick the most.
  12. I take a multivitamin, B12, iron, and calcium citrate
  13. Rainbow Light and nothing else for me, too. Food based vitamins are just so much better. After all, some of us spend thousands on purses, what's a few dollars on something that will keep you healthy?
  14. Do you take any vitamins? and what should one take? do i need to consult a doctor in order to take vitamins?

    my friend says that i don't have to ask a doctor, she uses wellwoman vitamins.

    i don't eat lots of stuff so i think i need to take vitamins to make up for it. i don't eat veggies or fruits nor do i eat meat nor fish. (i get sick if i eat those)