What (current) color do you like best for a Chloe?

  1. I love chocolate :love: but really have enough brown bags so was curious to see what your fave Chloe color is?
  2. Chocolate and Whiskey! (edith's)
  3. I currently have 5 Paddy colors - rouge red, black, chocolate, jeans moyen (blue jeans) and whiskey.

    My absolute favorite is my whiskey bag.
    The leather is especially unique with big pebbles and smaller pebbles.
    I didn't know how much I would :heart: this color, but I can wear with just about anything all year round.:love:
  4. For me, second to choco comes the whiskey.
  5. whiskey for me.
  6. Is the Whiskey shade similar to Kooba's Cognac? I thought it might be but haven't seen Whiskey IRL.

    I have a Sienna in Cognac and its a great shade.
  7. I also have five Paddies and here is the order of color that I like with my most used being first (though I love them all): Blanc, Rouge, Chocolate, Whiskey, Black. The last 3 will move up in rank in the fall when I use those colors more.
  8. Yes, I would say it is similar to Kooba's Cognac.
    Remember that a whiskey Paddy is lighter in color than a whiskey Edith.
  9. I seem to have an affinity for the blue shades.
    I adore my bleu nuit and I'm lusting after the fall navy.
    I also love the mousse color and the jeans moyen.
  10. Today I like my olive Silverado tote...
  11. wow!! where did you buy it?
    it's totally FAB!! :smile:
    But is that really olive? It looks like tan to me..?
  12. I don't have anything in whiskey, so that's my favorite right now. I'd love a Chloe in whiskey

  13. Tan from 05 is my #1 favorite. It's like a honey-butterscotch, very rich. This was my very first Paddington and I still love it.
    bgbag7yh.jpg TanTableWeb.jpg
  14. Definetely blanc for me:love:
  15. Mousse!! And then chocolate and whiskey!!!