~What criteria do you have for your collection?~

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  1. I feel like I have a complete collection. The criteria I have for my collection is at least one of the following:

    Shoulder bag
    Crossbody bag
    Summer bag
    Black bag
    Bright colour bag:
    Tote bag

    The bags that fit this list are:
    handbag - speedy 30 mono
    shoulder bag - totally mm mono
    crossbody bag- saumur 35
    clutch - eva ebene
    summer bag - speedy 30 azur
    black bag - RM MAM (would like an LV epi lockit in black)
    bright coloured bag - RM MAM in fuschia croc (would like an LV epi speedy 30 in carmine)
    large tote bag - Fendi roll tote bag

    I have many many other bags but these are the bags in my main rotation.

    What is your criteria for a complete collection?
    What does your collection contain?
  2. speedy
    or must must mimic any of the above mentioned shapes
    If it is not...I don't even want to look at it
  3. Not completely satisfied but i'm getting there.
    1) Handbag: Mono Speedy 35 and Dam Speedy 35
    2) Shoulder bag: Dam NF gm, Mono Totally gm and Mono Noe
    3) Crossbody: Dam Pochette Bosphore
    4) Evening: Chanel black M/L flap and Chanel black PST
    5) Day bag: Mono petit bucket and Dam trevi pm
    6) Summer bag: ????
    7) Hobo: ????
    8) No logo: Longchamp black croc Roseau Tote
    9) Trendy: Balenciaga black city
  4. Thank you for starting this thread. I have been thinking about my collection a lot and I want to make sure that I buy bags I will use often. I do not yet have a criteria for my collection, so I will use yours as a start. Some of my bags overlap, so I will list them twice.

    Handbag- Speedy Azur 30, Alma Vernis in RF

    Shoulder Bag- Eva Mono with gold chain only. (Speedy B that I want would work, too).

    Crossbody- Eva Mono w/strap (also a leather Coach that I can use in bad weather. I would like a Speedy B for cross body wear)

    Clutch- Eva Mono, mini pochettes. I am desiring a Pentillante Clutch but certainly don't need it.

    Summer- Speedy Azur 30

    Black- Ixia MM (This is too big for a handbag-I also have a handheld black leather Burberry bag and rarely use it).

    Bright color- Alma Vernis in RF

    Tote bag- Ixia MM (I use this for work everyday but would like a mon mono Neverfull. I have a couple of Coach totes in my rotation for when I travel or don't want to risk the Ixia getting damaged- the Neverfull could replace these).

    I am in the process of deciding which of my other bags not listed here will make the cut. They are spread out in my closet or now in my kids closets. I have the cutest silver and bright pink Coach clutch that looks awesome with black dresses that is staying in my closet!

    I feel if I get a Speedy B, Mon Mono Neverfull, and one really nice evening bag/clutch my collection will be complete. :cool:
  5. easy maintainence and zipped top
  6. For me personally I'd like a hand held bag and a shoulder bag in mono and ebene.
    I have a mono Neverfull GM and an artsy mono mm ( that can double as a hand held.) I have a speedy ebene 35 . I'd love and affordable ( under $1000) ebene shoulder bag .if I could finds an ebene strap for my speedy I'd be happy !
  7. Here's mine! :P

    workhorse bag: damier ebene speedy 30
    day outings/weekends: tivoli pm
    date nights/parties/formal/weekend: chanel M/L flap :love:
    shopping/holiday/crossbody: damier ebene eva
    beach: large longchamp
  8. A few years ago I read a post from a tPFer that I thought made sense and I always tried to follow it. I tried to find the post to give her credit but I could not find it. She essentially said:

    A Well-rounded collection consists of:

    Daily work Bag : (Mine is my Epi Almas and someties my epi ivory ponte neuf in spring and summer months )
    Satchel (Mine are Mon Monogram Speedy 35, Damier Speedy 35)
    Evening bag/clutch (Mine are: Damier Ebene Eva, Vernis Alma BB, Fettish Locket BB, Epi Electric Iena Clutch, Monogram Satin Pappion...yeah, I have the evening bags covered..)
    A nice shoulder bag for travel (Mine are: Idylle Speedy Fusain, Bloomsbury PM, Tivoli GM, Denim Baggy PM)
    A statement piece (Mine are: White Speedy 30 Watercolor, Brown Speedy 30 Watercolor, and Mahina L in Coquille)
  9. Here's mine:

    Work bag: Epi Electric Brea GM
    Work bag (when no laptop needed): Pomme Alma MM or Bleu Infini Alma MM
    Weekends dressed up: Pomme Alma MM or Bleu Infini Alma MM
    Special Occasions / date nights / weddings etc: Amarante Alma BB
    Weekend casual / playgroup / taking toddler to the park: Azur Hampstead MM
    Weekend casual - when not much needed: Mono Looping MM or red epi speedy

    Beach: cheap tote. Never LV. Too much sand and sunscreen to take one of my beauties to the beach!!

    Every time I look at a new bag, I have to:
    1. fit it in a category or work out where I am going to carry it and what I am going to wear with my existing wardrobe; AND
    2. I have to ask myself if I will be carrying this in 5 or 10 years time. i.e. is it a classic style or shape?

    This is the best way to grow my collection.

    And if I stop using a bag, and its been more than 1 year, its time to go... so I sell.
  10. Reading all of your collection lists is making me re-evaluate my own. I like the idea of the non logo, hobo and statement piece bag!

    I think I might have to expand my own collection .....uh oh.....:thinking::thinking:
  11. Agree with your criteria overall OP. I'm still missing a clutch - use my Chanel vintage flap and sometimes Cerises pochette for evenings and formal occasions but I think a clutch matches some outfits better. Also a cross-body bag. I don't usually go for cross-body style but I guess it would look nice with some casual wear.

    I also go for iconic styles of the labels I love - for LV, speedy, Alma, lockit and petit Noe. For prada, the nappa gaufre and for Chanel, the 2.55 flap.
  12. I am the same - I also prefer the iconic styles. I would love a lockit (the old style) but they are impossible to find. I find I only use my crossbody when I need to be hands free such as hardcore shopping trips and outings with the kids. Overall, I'm a handheld bag type.
  13. Normally I just choose purses in which the color and/or style appeals to me. I never put thought into having one purse for each style/occasion. However, now that my collection is almost complete, I find myself buying some more plain, non "look at me" colors/print to balance out my collection. I don't have a cross-body purse, but would eventually like one.

    I only wear purses on the weekend, so I don't have a work horse/school purse.
  14. This makes me think what else I need in my collection..:giggles: I'll see what I have based on the criteria that the OP has..:smile:

    The bags that fit this list are:
    handbag - speedy 30 ebene, mono neo
    shoulder bag - mahina L, empreinte artsy, mono artsy, gucci hobo
    crossbody bag- RM mac clutch, mono neo, chanel messenger bag
    clutch - RM mac clutch (I need a nice looking clutch for evening/party besides this and my BCBG)
    summer bag - ??? I have a longchamp le pliage in red (I'm thinking I need an Azur bag - maybe NF - not a priority though)
    black bag - NONE! I don't know why a black bag never appeals me even on flat shoes (I have a chanel messenger bag that is black according to the label, but not too black - more of grey black) I might consider a Chanel GST or flap in black
    bright coloured bag - RM mac clutch in burnt orange (I'll be getting an Epi Speedy or Alma in Feb or March - maybe Fuchsia or Carmine :yahoo:)
    large tote bag - longchamp le pliage in red, my Artsy can be a tote bag too (this is why I want an Azur NF)

    I think I need 4-5 bags more then I will HOPEFULLY be contented..:lol::lol: I really don't have a criteria for my collection.. I actually based it more on what leather or canvas I don't have yet..
  15. Handbag- Damier Alma,Bellevue PM Pomme,Brea GM Amarante
    Shoulder bag-Poincourt haute mono, Galliera Azur PM,Brea GM Amarante
    Crossbody bag-Mulberry Alexa Oak,Mulberry postmans lock Camera bag,Prada Vitello Daino tote
    Clutch-Sunset blvd Amarante
    Summer bag-Galliera Azur PM,Mulberry Mitzy petticoat white
    Black bag-Mulberry Postmans lock Camera bag
    Bright colour bag-Bellevue PM Pomme,Prada Vitello Daino Tote Cobalt Blue,Mulberry Oversized tote Purple
    Tote bag-Neverfull mono,Prada Vitello Daino Tote,Mulberry Roxanne Oversized Tote

    I think i can say my hand bag collection covers all the criteria no more bags for me LOL