What crafts are hot at Xmas craft fairs?

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  1. #1 Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2010
    Hi, Ladies

    There's a nice holiday craft fair in my town and I'm trying to think of what low-cost thing I can make that will be hot sellers.

    Earrings, handmade soaps, and posh handmade chocolates are totally covered.

    I'm pretty good at lots of crafts (except crochet and knit) so I'd love to learn what you like to buy at these kinds of fairs. I need idea that retail for $12 or less. (Lotsa cheapskates here.)

    How does a crystal nail file decorated with a few Swaroskis sound? I can write the person's name on it with permanent metallic silver ink.

    I'm also thinking about wine glass charms for parties so ppl know which glass is theirs. I live in a beach town so charms with beach/ocean stuff would be easy. Sets of 6 for $11. Would you buy them?

    What about handmade cards with pop-up things in the middle. I have a book on how to do those. Cheap to make and fun. I could make one of our local landscape scenes pop up. Would you buy something like this?

    Any other ideas? What would you buy as little gifts for friends?

  2. I usually buy home-made chocolates and soaps for friends, as we all have so many "things" in our homes. I know several ladies around here who sell those at holiday fairs and do quite well.

    But if those are out of the question... I like to buy stove hot pads and oven mitts for cooking, because everyone needs those.

    Sometimes I sew bed pockets for qifts. These are very easy and practical. A large square piece of quilted fabric with a roomy pocket on one end. You slip it under your mattress and have a pocket for a book or socks. Sometimes I buy very cheap placemats at a discount store and cobble them up to sew bed pockets. Other times I'll gather the pocket fabric and sew elastic on one end. I sew seam tape all around the edge.

    With all the talk around here about purse organizers, I bet those would be popular with gift-givers. And they look easy to sew.
  3. people will buy basically anything and everything lol - especially if it's cheap!!

    you could make personalized ornaments.... cards... gift tags... wine glass charms are a good idea....
  4. i recently just found a book that has 'recipes' for those "recipe in a jar" things. like you layer all the ingredients in a canning jar and top it off with a cute piece of fabric on top for the jar lid. those would be really cheap to make
  5. I'd say hand made Christmas cards. EVERYONE needs them for the season.
  6. Tasteful wreaths. They are very hard to come by, because most are plastic and kitschy, and if you find a good one it is crazy expensive. I highly suggest to make them eco friendly with twigs, leaves, etc.
  7. This is a great idea. A few years ago I made a wreath for my front-door--all it was was a grapevine wreath tied with a bright ribbon and a few pinecones, leaves and milkweed pods from the neighborhood, a bit of dried wild flowers too--but several neighbors offered to pay me to make wreaths for their doors.
  8. ^^^ In fact...and forgive my middle-aged mind for recalling the wreath-making in piecemeal fashion...I think I ended up making 8 or 9 wreaths. There was a batch of Thanksgiving wreaths with bright orange and gold ribbons, dried flowers and leaves. And there was a batch of Christmas wreaths with swags of evergreen branches, gold bells and ribbons on a grapevine wreath. There may have been a few ornaments tied in with that. They sound complicated but they were really very simple and only took me about 30 minutes each to assemble.

    First neighbors wanted wreaths. Then several of DH's coworkers requested wreaths. Then their friends wanted wreaths... At that point I was out of supplies and tired of making wreaths so I called it a day.

    Shortly after that I stopped making wreaths because the birds keep nesting in them.
  9. I agree with the ornaments, you can buy the paintable plater/ceramic ones (flat kind) at any craft store for under $1, paint them before hand then use and silver or gold pen to personalize them when they're bought. People love to get and give personalized cheap stuff! cheap -price not cheap stuff
  10. I can totally imagine how busy and tired you must have been, I tell you nice wreaths are better selling than hot cakes with crack inside.

    Last winter I got one that looked a bit like this=> http://www.floraltreasure.com/cart/productimages/161509-lo_400.jpg

    but it was super exp, I could have bought a new Chloe bag. I seriously consider starting to make a few because I know they are in high demand.
  11. Oh that wreath is beautiful, Lily! Sometimes craft stores offer classes on wreath making. The stores also give out flyers with directions on how to make specific sorts of wreaths, and list all all the supplies you need.

    The wreaths I made weren't anywhere near that elaborate. Just grape vine wreaths with a ribbon and a few pine cones stuck on. A neighbor had gone into assisted living and her family gave me a big stack of grape vine wreaths from her craft room, so I figured I might as well do something with them. I was surprised that people were as crazy about the wreaths as they were, but then I checked out the wreaths in some local stores and was shocked at how expensive they were.
  12. Around here ANYTHING w/ school spirit sells like mad. Our mascot is a dragon and our colors are emerald green/black/white and ANYTHING in these colors or w/ our mascot sells out fast.
    Frames, onesies, bows, tees, coffee cup sleeves, etc. . . you name it.
  13. A friend of mine is doing the Xmas fair for the second year and she does: wreaths (Xmas and other themes), lavender eye pillows, and bath salts. I am joining her this year and doing bath bombs. I will be doing about half Xmas scents and half various non holiday scents. They are pretty cheap and easy to make and I am hoping they will be pretty popular!