Arts & Crafts What Crafting Tools Do You Use?


Mar 31, 2007
First and foremost, I consider my computer the biggest craft tool of all, along with my scanners and printers and software.

I use a sewing machine when I sew, and hooks when I crochet, although I don't do either on a regular basis.

More frequently I'm doing stamp carving or paper crafts. For stamp carving I use a set of interchangeable lino cutting blades with a wooden handle, and occasionally, an Xacto knife with more interchangeable blades. For paper crafts I use a manual rotary shape cutter--one day I hope to get a Cricut.

For jewelry making I use a heat tool, a rotary tool with interchangeable bits (drilling, sanding, filing, polishing, engraving, etc.), several types and sizes of pliers, and wire cutters. I have a dedicated toaster oven that I use for polymer clay.

Then I have the usual office stuff that is very well suited to crafting: scissors, a stapler, a laminating machine, a paper trimmer, etc.

That's all I can remember right now.

What tools do you use? This thread could serve as a form of inspiration.


Mar 2, 2006
For my pins I just use a regular needle with a smaller eye so I can sew the beads on.
For my resin pieces, tool-wise, just some sandpaper to file the edges of the pieces, and when I get around to putting hooks on them, I'll be using a Dremel drill.


Sep 21, 2007
Lots of pliers! When I paint, tons of brushes too.

I used to scrapbook and I literally have two boxes of supplies and gadgets. It just is not something I do anymore. I should probably try to sell the supplies b/c I doubt I'll use them again.


Settling in...
Mar 28, 2006
Smaller Apple (north of NYC)
Definetly a sewing maching and rotary cutter for quilting. As well as a ton of pins and rulers.

Paint brushes, a paint palette, and a cup to hold water for painting.

Stamps, scissors, and glue for card making.

I'm sure there are more.. but those are the basics I am always using.


Jun 4, 2007
i'm a sucker for buying fancy crafting tools that i'm really unsure of how to use or don't have a lot of need to use them.

my favorite is probably my eyelet tool... not sure what it's called... but instead of hammering on the end to secure the eyelet, it's like an all-in-one eyelet securing thing...

if that makes any sense!! i haven't used it in probably over a year... the last time i did was for my cousin's wedding...

i also have a tiny pair of crafting scissors that are super small and super sharp! i love love love them


Jun 4, 2007
oh and i almost forgot!!! i recently purchased a wood burner... such a fantastic tool... you can make great personalized gifts with it.


where's my bag?!
Apr 25, 2006
I create mainly cardstock projects like greeting cards (I did pop-ups this year) and calenders, sew home decor and tote bags, stringing beads/jewelry, scrapbooking and summertime crafts with the kids.

Sony digital camera
GBC coil binding system
Xyron sticker maker and laminator (ugh, too expensive to use, I stopped a while ago)
Zizzlits system (ditto, gets expensive, I think CriCut is a better choice)
Heat seal laminator

leather/paper punching tools
scissors with the wavy/jagged edges
Dahle paper cutting system

OLFA rotary mats and cutters
Gingher (superb for fabric) and Fiskar scissors, double sided tape and stapler
magnetic pins/needle holder

Viking sewing machine
generic plastic templates
heavy metal ruler, quilting rulers
Making Memories bone folder for cardstock
Crop-A-Dile II for rivets, snaps, eyelets, punching

My home is majorly cluttered from craft stuff because I'm always using one thing or another and keep it within reach. I try to keep them stored on the shelf rack or in a craft dresser or in big storage tubs so I don't lose them somewhere forever. But that's not always do-able. I buy from JoAnns/Michaels (makeup brushes too) and eBay - I search for bargains all the time.
Feb 9, 2009
i do beadwork, mostly loom and some lazy stitch. in the sioux tradition.

i use different size looms, needles, drafting paper, and krazy glue. and thread and beads. for lazy stitch i need canvas as well.