What coveted IT bag is actually HARD TO GET?

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  1. I have heard a lot of talk about this and that IT bag, but then so many of these so called IT bags are so available. The honey Fendi Spy bags are everywhere, gauchos are pretty everywhere (except that they just sold out of white single saddle bags- but they will get them in again), and we all know Chloe Ediths and B Bags (though available in some parts of the world) are possible to waitlist but just not out yet, which means they may or may not be hard to get later on, who knows. What bags are hard to find? The MJ Stam? The Reissue? What bags are both hard to find and IT? (Don't say birkin. We already know that. :smile: )

    Love to all bloggers! Blog on!
  2. Well, I live in Canada and every bag is hard to get. I wish I could go over to Holt Renfrew and buy whatever bag I want. But our HR gets very select shipments in and all the good bags are waitlisted. There are no Chanel, Gucci, Dior or any other high end designer boutiques where I live. That's why I envy those who can just walk into NM or Saks and see all the beautiful bags sitting there to be taken home.
  3. I would say that some of the Fendi Bs are hard to get.
    I have seen in a few posts that the black and tan is wanted by some members.
  4. hmmm, distance is a pain! i live in new zealand, and we really dont have any IT stores - only the DFS galleria and the LV store on the main strip.... I mean some of the New Zealand fashion houses carry, chloe, marc jacobs, paul and joe, jimmy choo, etc... but it doesn't mean that they carry any of the bags! this drives me completely nuts.... so therefore, any IT bag beside LV is hard to get in New Zealand.... and its thanks to everyone on here whos helped me acheived some of my dream IT bags so far! :amuse:
  5. Word. Several of the Holts don't have much selection.
  6. Where are you in Canada? :worried: HR Bloor has a Dior and many bags - Fendi Spy, Fendi spy satchel and hobo (all in the tan), Balenciaga, IF, Bulgaand Chloes - Isaw the metallic paddys last week.
    I would say that lately the bag selection has been better than ever and many bags that are not available in the US are available here. Just my opinion though.:worried:
  7. No Chanel or Gucci at your Holts? You must be in Edmonton! I was there looking for Chanel and they had a small corner for LV and a very small accessories dept. I did see some Dior watches though.

    The Chanel Cambon in the patent CC's was hard to get, now its in stock. I still remember when the LV MC line and the CB were SUPER hard to get.
  8. yes, the HR Bloor does have a good selection, but its the only place in canada that does...so sad. outside of toronto, IT bags are pretty much impossible to find by just happening into a store :sad2:
  9. shyloo - I live in Alberta. I know HR Bloor has a nice selection of bags but I don't go to Toronto much (I've only been there once). But it would be nice to see the bags IRL instead of paying for it first and then deciding whether I like it. I bought my spy and paddie from HR Bloor but would have liked to check them out first. I have to totally rely on my SA to send me a nice bag.
  10. Ok, the checking out of bags is really fun.... I sometimes just hang out in the handbag section at Bloor, looking and lurking. Won't they transfer stuff that you are interested in so you can look? You would think that with all the money in Alberta now, the bag selection would be better. Are you in Calgary or Edmonton?
  11. the BV fortune cookie woven bag that i would love to have..LOL...it's not an IT bag, but it is IT for me!
  12. I don't know about you ladies but the "IT" bag for me, always had been and still is, is the Hermes Kelley or Birkin. :love: *Sigh*
  13. :lol: ! Some of those so called "IT" bags, are certainly not "IT" for me either...maybe I'm too old for a Chloe Edith (to me it looks like an old school bag) or the Dior Gaucho (reminds me too much of the old west). To each her own, I guess?!
  14. I want that Chanel! Does anyone know how much it costs in the U.S.?

    I am going with the recent Jessica Simpson mystery bag. So far no one has been able to get one, although it has been tentatively identified.
  15. Canadians (writing above). I completely agree with you -- the only Holt's with variety and choice is in Toronto. This definitely limits Canadian's ability to acquire IT bags.