What counts as excessive shipping?

  1. I won a bag on eBay and paid for it to be shipped Priority mail to me in Canada. It's been a couple of weeks and so I emailed the seller for an update. He told me he didn't have any kind of tracking or confirmation number because it was shipped 1st Class international, *not* Priority as it stated on the auction. I asked if I would be receiving a refund on the difference, but haven't gotten a reply yet. If he won't give me back my money, do you think I would have any recourse with eBay?

    I mean I got the bag for a great price, but I'm ticked that the seller's trying to recoup his costs by ripping me off on shipping! Am I being unreasonable?
  2. I'd be more concerned about not receiving the bag yet than the difference in the cost of shipping. How long does he expect you to wait before filing a claim with eBay for not receiving the item? It's in the seller's best interest to track the package to be able to prove it was sent.
  3. Assuming it was sent, a couple of weeks for international shipping is not that long. I had a bag I shipped to Canada get held up in customs for 3.5 weeks. You have 45 days to file a claim with payapl, so I'd wait a little longer before going that route.
    Edit to add - he should at least have a customs form with a number on it. Either you or he can call customs and they will be able to tell you if it's held up there. This worked for me when shipping to the UK.
  4. I wouldn't bother trying to pursue the shipping refund. I know that a lot of the sellers who post on here lose money on the shipping, but I've had a ton of sellers overcharge or use a cheaper, slower method than stated. The only time I've bothered complaining was when something took a month because it got shipped media mail, which is even cheaper than parcel post (and it wasn't remotely media!) As long as you can get tracking info and find out what the status is, that's the important thing, though I would take the shipping into account in your feedback comment and star rating.
  5. This exact same situation happened to me. I only discovered it after I received the package and it was stamped 1st class international and I had paid for priority shipment. I emailed the seller and asked for X amount in refund. She apologized and admitted that she was trying to make up the cost because she didn't get what she wanted for the item & refunded what I asked for. The seller has no right to change the shipping method. You bid for an item and pay for how it will be shipped. I'm not sure what recourse you have with eBay but hopefully you can work it out with the seller. If they do get back to you, have an amount in mind and just ask for it. Good luck and keep us posted.
  6. A quick update: I just picked up the bag from the Post Offiice today and the bag is gorgeous! The seller finally responded and said that they've mailed me a cheque for the difference in shipping. Even if I don't get it, I'm so happy with my bag, I don't care :smile:!