What counts as an illegal fake?

  1. I mostly carry low-end "designer" bags like Coach or Michael Kors (I put the designer in quotes because I understand many people don't consider Coach a designer bag). I do not purchase fakes.

    But I was at the mall the other day and there was a kiosk selling bags. This isn't unusual, as I've seen a number of them. However, the kiosk attendant was going through a box and showing another woman fake bags that clearly had the LV pattern on them. It was a blatant copy of the pattern on a bag styled just like a Speedy 25. I wasn't close enough to see if it actually had a tag claiming it was a LV, but I would think the pattern alone would be copyright or intellectual property infringement.

    So my question is what counts as illegal? Is a copy of the monogram and style enough, or does it have to have a tag claiming to be from a designer when, in fact, it is not? I just don't understand how the kiosk could be allowed to operate in a mall carrying those hideous, and what I would consider illegal, bags. Canal street or selling out of the back of a van is one thing, but to have a kiosk in a mall would make it appear that the mall condoned illegal activity. :confused1:
  2. I don't know, but BOY are those mall kiosk bags HORRIBLE. I actually saw somebody parading around a "LV" with HEARTS AND STARS at work today.
    I'd think that having the same exact pattern would be borderline enfringement. But then, you cannot copyright letters... so I don't know either.
  3. I don't know but I do know that the site of them makes me ill

    esp when your in NYC and they're all over the place :sick:
  4. I think it's illegal if it's being sold to the customer under the impresion that's real. Like if you had a kiosk full of fakes with a sign that said "Authentic Louis Vuitton". It's also illegal if something is copied detail for detail. That's where all those creative looking bags come from.
  5. If it is in the spirit of an authentic Louis Vuitton then I would consider it to be illegal and fake.

    Also, Haute-Mama - Coach is considered designer on this forum. Welcome :flowers: .
  6. Ditto. It is illegal!!!:cursing:
  7. If it had the actual LV pattern with the LVs and all, it would be illegal. That's copyright infringement. If it's one of those bags that has other symbols and no actual LVs, it's not illegal. If you're concerned about the goods being sold in this kiosk, I would suggest you call mall management. They should be concerned if illegal activity is taking place on their premises.
  8. I think it's illegal regardless of whether the person is under the impression that it's real or not. It's illegal to sell and buy fakes. I think that whenever there might be confusion as to whether or not it's the brand it's imitating or when it's obviously close, that's when there's a problem. I don't think "inspired" bags are illegal... does anyone know?
  9. I believe "designer inspired" is legal. I've seen LV-inspired cosmetic bags in my grocery store! You know the ones I mean - the symbols are close to LV's, but not quite. Also, there are no LV's on the bag. I think the problem is purse-party bags, which attempt to be replicas. Also, brands like XO bags appear to be designer-inspired, but are also legal, and have their own marks on the bags.

    Now, legal and tasteful? Two different things!!

    I know someone here will have the definitive answer.
  10. It's illegal if it's a replica. If it's designer inspired then it's not. I've seen blatantly fake bags and those are illegal. The designer inspired ones however aren't. It's like seeing a bag with a pattern like LV but the flowers are different and there's no "LV" on it.
  11. the other thing to bear in mind that designers will copyright certain aspects of a product that make it unique. e.g the shape of the coke bottle and the font as well as the names 'Coke' and 'coca-cola'. I guess LV have copywriten the LV logo, but it would le legal to copy certain parts of if it as long as oyu don;t try and pass it off as LV. whether it's tasteful or ethical is another matter.

    the shopping mall bags probably have close silimarities but I bet they're clever enough to stay just within the law.
  12. Like mine~~:yahoo: One of my Chanel's is THE highest replicas, made detail for detail. No one could ever tell if it was real or not~

    IMO, it's worse carrying around a faux bag with letters that "look" similar to LV or something like this. But to each his own I say. This might make one person "ill" and another doesn't mind.

  13. In my opinion, if it is sold as something that it is not, that should come under the truth in advertising laws. I don't care how good or bad a fake it is, or if it is sold as a Prada, or sold as the Target house brand, if its not in fact, a Prada, or the Target house brand, then that is illegal. No different than it would be if I were to tell you I am sending you a top made of cotton when it is really made of nylon.

    There is no need to say the thing is something it is not. Support the Inspired Pride Movement.

    People who cannot afford to spend $2000 or even $400 for a handbag are aware of this fact. They know that if they wish to carry a bag with little LVs all over it, it will have to be a fake.

    So let's call it "faux," let's stand tall and be proud of it, and let the little LVs be done in Hindi or Cyrillic script, and become the envy of all those people who had to settle for plain old LVs and pay more than $9.99 plus shipping.
  14. I have seen horrible LV fakes as well. It is illegal if it is not 100% the real thing. No mirror image or anything like that.
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