What country you from? Ethnicity?


Where do you live?

  1. USA, Canada

  2. Latin American Countries

  3. Japan, Korea

  4. Europe

  5. South East Asian Countries

  6. Australia, New Zealand

  7. Africa

  8. Middle East

  9. Others- specify below

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  1. I have been posting in this thread for like a month or so...

    Just want to know where you gals are from? and whats your ethnicity?

    I am chinese and live in two countries: Australia and Philippines.

    How about you?

    Sorry- forgot Hongkong, China and Taiwan
  2. I'm born and raised in the good ol' USA, New York to be exact...I'm 1000% Irish.
  3. I'm born and still living here :rolleyes: - in Switzerland :heart: - a very small country in Europe :yes: :love:
    So - I am 200% Swiss
  4. I am English and I live in England in Essex which borders the city of London in which I was born!:smile:
  5. Born in Singapore, living in Nottingham now... Hopefully London in the future..
  6. Just a French from France...
  7. Ha ha ha .... we 'european' are here now ;) :yes: .... and only when we are sleeping all others will see this thread :nuts: :roflmfao:
  8. ^^Lol, I was just thinking that. Well, I'm English, born and raised in Leeds, which is in the north of England. My father's father's family is Irish.

    But I dream of moving to the States. Somewhere warm and sunny. ;)
  9. ^^^ Exactly!!:roflmfao:
    I live in Athens, Greece..and I'm Greek!
  10. ^^ born & bred in the U.S.A. baby!!! :party:
  11. American born and raised! My family's from India, although they kid themselves and think they are pure bred, so far I've unearthed a litle bit of burmese and portugese blood in me. In a couple of years I'm going to explore around a bit in the UK, maybe live in london, finish up school there, and spend the summer in Italy and other med places around there, stop by athens, etc.
  12. Born in Thailand. Studied in UK & US. Now working in my home country~ :yes:
  13. Born in the Good Ole USA and Italian! I like this thread!
    Linda Marie
  14. Born in Taiwan but raised in NY, then NJ (USA) ! :p
  15. Living in UK in Surrey but born in Spain (madrid) :p