What could've been...

  1. I checked my account at eLux last night cause I was wondering what took so long for my Mini Lin Speedy order to ship. I discovered that the order isn't in my account at all anymore. I was a bit confused cause I got the order confirmation email. I called today and found out that apparently eLux tried to contact me once yesterday at the phone number I have to verify stuff for the credit card and didn't get me so they cancelled it! The person I spoke to was very nice and said that she'll reorder for me again. I thought to myself, wait, what about my ****** thing but I figured I might return it anyway so I said go ahead. But then there weren't any left!!! :crybaby:

    I think it's for the best that it happened. It just wasn't meant to be. That's okay, I will get to see it in less than a month when I go to the KOP meet maybe. BF will be slightly happy when I tell him about it. Slightly only cause he knows I will be :crybaby:.
  2. Yikes what if people work? Do they always call? I would be so mad!
  3. That happened to me before except I got an email from them and not a call. When I contacted them I had accidentally entered the wrong exp date on my cc. How frustrating for you!
  4. Oh, that stinks! :crybaby: I had added it to my cart yesturday to try and take advantage of the free shipping and someone must have checked out like one second before me because as soon as I got to my cart, it already showed sold out. :sad:
  5. I can't remember if they called me for the SPeedy 40 order I made back in February but I had my cell with me all day and no one called so I'm just taking it as a sign to see it in person this time. I'm a little bummed but I'll get to see it in person soon and maybe get it then,
  6. That is just crazy they did that. I would be mad. I hope you get one soon.
  7. They usually wait a little while before they cancel it.
  8. But do they have to call on EVERY order? What if someone went out of town or was at work?
  9. :shrugs:I honestly don't know. I wish I remember what they did the first time. But I feel better now. I can always get it later on. :yes:
  10. Well, maybe this happened for a reason! It wasn't meant to be! You will find another LV that you love later. That's weird that Elux said they called you,and you didn't get any calls.
  11. They should have emailed you even if they couldn't contact you. IMO that was wrong on Elux's part if they didnt notify you that way. My order was also put on hold, but I received an enail from Elux and I solved the problem before they cancelled it.
  12. Is it just me or am I right to feel like I'm the ONLY one who isn't able to find this bag on Elux (let alone place it in my shopping cart)??? I've been checking at all different times during the day and NO LUCK since I first started looking last Friday - arg I want to order my bag already. PS...I saw 2 other pieces from the collection tonight at LV in Macy's - which only made me more cranky that I can't order my bag b/c I really love the Mini Lin fabric - the pics on this site really don't do it any justice. It's truly gorgeous. :sad:
  13. Noooo !! Don't worry, you guys will eventually be together !

    And you'll have a fearless army of speedies ! :biggrin:
  14. No they do not call on every order. I have never had them call me?
  15. At least this is a bag you can get anytime! Don't worry! If it's meant to be, it will be! :smile: