What Could This Be? Please Advise!

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  1. Hi TPF'ers!

    I've found this mark on the back of my Mono Galliera .... Does anyone know what it can be? I've taken a few pictures of it and an up close pic of it. It is only one mark but it drives me nuts because now I know it is there...

    When I run my finger over it, it feels a bit raised like a mole or a scar --- I looks almost like it got burnt there...

    Is this the beginning of cracked canvas? The rest of the bag is perfect except for that one spot...

    If anyone has any idea what this can be, please do let me know! Thank you!

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  2. Looks like a scuff mark to me.
  3. Thanks so much for your response. Do you think it'll be worse in time?

    Would it develop to cracked canvas?

    I take really good care of my bags so hopefully it will not get worse.
  4. To me it looks like a pick or scuff in the canvas. I don't think it will get worse as long as whatever happened was just a one time event. It is hard too see in the picture.
  5. Very good point, I agree if it rubbed up against something. What happened is what you see.
    I hope that is the end of the problem. Lets get some more thoughts on the matter.
  6. If it is a raised up spot, then something on the other side has "poked" it.

    Then maybe it was scuffed.

  7. Immediate thought was "the canvas bump got scuffed off". Your last pic? I would have never seen it unless you told us.

    Is the "scuff" in a noticeable area like front? Handle?
  8. It is in the back of the bag. I haven't noticed it getting worse.

    I can see it clear up close or under certain lighting otherwise its not very noticeable.

    I only worry that in time it can progress to cracked canvas.

    It feels a bit raised and like a tender burnt spot...
  9. Take a very soft damp cloth to it and try and work your fingernail gently into the grain of the canvas. It does take some effort but I've removed many marks like that and scratches this way.