what could i use this for?

  1. When you go out and dont want to lug your purse around this is great :tup:
  2. I use it when I don't feel like carrying alot like at the mall. I put my money, phone and credit cards in one and I'm off! It is great when your are on vacation and you don't want to worry about where you are going to put your purse when you go eat or use a bathroom. Wristlets are very useful. Then just throw it in your bag when your done!
  3. I am a diabetic and I keep my insulin pen and the syringe tips I use inside a wristlet. I have also used wristlets in place of a wallet, as a casual evening bag, a jewelry case, a cosmetic case, and as a place to hold cash, checks and receipts when needed. I think wristlets can help keep your handbag organized and free of clutter.
  4. I love my wristlets. A lot of people use them at nightclubs or bars. i don't go to either of these things anymore but if I did and wristlets were around when I did, then i would have brought them. Some people use them for organization in their purse too. I like to use them when I am running into a store and don't have the kids so don't need to bring everything with me except for money, cc, wallet and phone.
  5. I always keep one in my bag full of chapstick, lipgloss, tampons, nail clippers...lol. Emergency things.... :smile:
  6. oooh, thats a cute way to keep your diabetic things. :yes:
  7. digi cam house lol
  8. I always carry at least two things in my purse, my wallet, and a wristlet. The wristlet keeps all the things that would otherwise just float around. Such as my little swiss army knife, hand wipes, a little tiny first aid kit, lip gloss, etc. Plus they can be used to keep anything that might mess up the inside of your bag, like lipstick, pens, or makeup. It is a lot cheaper to replace a ruined wristlet if your lipstick lid comes off or a pen leaks, then it is to replace a whole purse.
  9. Ah wristlettes save my life!
    They're good for everything and you can fit a good amount of stuff in it. I always have one on me even if I have a purse.
  10. They're great if you switch bags a lot! Really easy to transfer cards and cash from one wristlet to another, instead of wallets!!!
  11. I use mine when I go to my kid's sporting events. I put my phone, camera, lipstick and some cash in it and off I go. When I'm not carrying a wristlet, I use them in my purse to hold various cards and then one as a camera case. They really do come in handy and the outlets usually have a few to choose from!
  12. I use it when I go out at night. It fits credit cards, Id and cash. I have also been known to stuff a cellphone in there. Right now its in my purse and I use it in leiu of a wallet. I can just take it out of my purse if I don't want to carry my purse and its got all my essentials.

  13. i might just have to try that! i think i can cram it in there :idea:
  14. Oh Yeah!! They're great for concerts too!!