What could go wrong, did go wrong today!!

  1. First I awake to an email from Paypal saying that they have held funds from a transaction that I had put to 'rest'. Mailed, received & positive feedback from buyer & me! Why?! No one can tell me, they are investigating...

    Then this afternoon I have a buyer who wants me to send their item to an address in a whole different state than listed on both eBay & paypal... She keeps insisting that I'm wrong & that they have the right address & that I have to send it to her...

    So I call Paypal, they tell me she has two different addresses listed & because she clicked the old address I HAVE to send it there or not be protected.. They tell me to refund her & have her resend the $ using the correct address... They will send her an email telling her what to do..

    So I refund the $ but I forgot that because they held the $ from the other person I'm $6.87 short for the refund! So they pull it from my checking account... now the person I was supposed to refund so she could re-pay me has to wait until the 12th to get the $$!!!! OMG! she must think I'm an IDIOT!!!

    Then I get an email from a totally different buyer saying she got an email from Paypal & has been trying to change her address like they told her to but it won't let her... PAYPAL SENT THE EMAIL TO THE WRONG PERSON!!!

    I have yet to hear back about the held funds or the pending refund! To top it off, I'm 99.9% sure the buyers other address ISN'T confirmed.. I'm about to tell her to keep her $ (once it clears!) and I'll repost them....

    Some days I just want to quit....
  2. Holy crap. :oh:
  3. Oh thats pretty darn 'Murphy'!
    Hope it all gets sorted out soon!
  4. Wow...somedays seem HUGE and all I can say ...tomorrow will be better..is HAS to be..right???:smile:
  5. :flowers:Welcome to my world.......
  6. ....And selling on eBay used to be fun...:yucky:
  7. That's exactly what I was thinking. This kind of stuff only happens to me.....seriously, I hope it all gets straightened out. Boy, Paypal and eBay are getting to be quite a pain lately. Even when you do everything right things can still get screwed up!
  8. Is this the Lily? I am so sorry you are having trouble with that transaction!!!
  9. Wow - what a sucky day - I agree Ebay and Paypal are becoming a pain. Hope tomorrow is much better!!
  10. Welcome to my world too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Actually no it isn't!! (although I haven't heard if the buyer was satisfied or not...)
    It's the ones you think will be smooth sailing that end up being the pains!!

    The good news is:
    I got the frozen funds back, but only because I did EVERYTHING I was supposed to do.
    The person repaid me this morning WITH the correct address & it was confirmed!
  12. I see that it is already starting to get better... Just let the day pass, it will be even better tomorrow. It's life... Some days are just awful:cursing:, others are great:yahoo: