What Could be Missing From my Life???

  1. Okay so I just had a Cruela de Ville moment and I'll tell you why.


    well I was looking at some Louis Vuitton videos and pictures of their history of Special orders so I turned my music on "The Hours by Philip Glass" and decited to design my own Special order so I started sketching without thinking and when I finished this is what it looked like.


    Yes a 40cm Haut à Courroies I didn't even have intentions on making it to look like one heck I wasn't even thinking of Hermès I was just Louis Vuitton inspired and trying to design the ultimate Special Order bag, :idea: It must be a sign from the Hermès God's or something.

    so now I think im ready :smile:
  2. Oh yes! Welcome to the dark side.
  3. ^^^I was wondering where you went :devil:
  4. Nice sketches Latinmalemodel. I think you will like and appreciate the 40cm HAC.
  5. ^^^Thanx jaeger, and I would adore a 40cm HAC...
  6. lovely sketch! I think it's time.......over to the orange side you go!
  7. LMM Your avatar!!!!

    Its time.......!
  8. I think I am allready, allready making plans:graucho:

    and it's that kevin on you'r avatar?
  9. I am holding my new LV runway bag...
  10. Whats missing from your life


    kidding aside you obviously have a real talent in your drawings,

    I think HAC, ls the best
    and its the only birkin I would consider buying because I am a Kelly girl.
  11. ^^^lol yes HAC is the best:happydance:
  12. LMM, I love your sketches. I love the look of the HAC. Go for it. :smile:
  13. You're ready! Boy are you ready! Welcome to the dark side ;)!
  14. Now, honestly, could there be a clearer sign that it is time to come on over??? I think not! Your HAC awaits!!!!
  15. Our eyes do not deceive us and your subconscious is definately speaking loud and clear - you'll be dreaming in orange with fancy ribbons next.