What cosmetic bag do you use?

  1. Just curious...what does everyone use for your cosmetic bag? I'm looking for a new one, but haven't seen anything too fabulous. Thanks!
  2. Usually, I just use Clinique ones. But for my larger one to store my other makeup I have a simple no brand train case!
  3. I have to admit that I use whatever bag I received most recently in the Estee Lauder Gift Time promotion (get these at least two or three times a year!). I always manage to spill make up etc on them, so don't really deserve a nicer one! At the moment I am using a Brown 'Train Case' (boxy in shape, with a handle on the top) that I got from Estee Lauder last year.
  4. I use Dior pink and white makeup bag.
  5. Got a black nylon Kate Spade bag @TJ. Maxx last weekend for 24.00!
    it goes with al my bags and is a great size.
  6. I use a Victorias Secret cosmetic bag. I didnt want to spend a lot on something that might get stained with makeup
  7. this is my make-up bag (in GG brown). It's in leather so if I spill something, I can clean it easily.

  8. I use a no name train case and throw my essentials in a Coach wristlet.
  9. Are we talking in-bag or out of bag? In my bag I use the Bobbi Brown clear zip-around case that came with their Christmas glitter gloss set, because it is easy to find things when you can see through the bag. On my makeup counter I use a Bobbi Brown faux-chocolate-croc train case. I also have a black Bobbi Brown case that is larger that I use for travelling.
  10. I use a couple LV cosmetic bags for my bags and I also have a Bobbie Brown on one on my counter.
  11. Samsonite... big and solid...:smile:
  12. In my bags I recently started using a Balenciaga coin purse. Otherwise a Bobbi Brown train case on the counter for the makeup I use often. For spares, extras (I'm a makeup junkie) I have various sizes of cases from Saks I bought that are easy to store, clean and look neat.
  13. For my bag I use a reallly cute little Pucci bag in purple and for my bath I use a Fendi zucca bag
  14. I use a nylon one by Le Sport Sac. They're less than $20 and nylon so spills wipe off very easily. They come in lots of cute patterns and different styles!