what "correction" you wish on any celine bag?

  1. Hah, no mine is not the bi-material version. I would consider it all black but with 3 variations of black leather (textured/smooth/pebbled on the wings)... Well, when the Luggage came out, I was more caught up with the Cabas...
  2. Yes, I also loved (and still adore) the minimal perfection of the cabas. My first two Celibe bags were a box and a cabas. Your 2010 luggage does sound like perfection though!

    Back to 'topic' as we're discussing Cabas totes: wd love it if the bottom had more reinforcement...
  3. Please make a Phantom in the micro size!
  4. Yes!
  5. Interesting but I shudder at the thought. Sorry to all fans of the Micro. I just find the in-between sizes a little awkward given the facial structure of the bag. :roflmfao: One in a Nano size would be extremely adorable though. Literally it will look like a small bat! :rochard::jammin:
  6. I have resolved the issue of the sagging Cabas just by custom hard board insert. Works wonders.
  7. I figured something like that would work. The logic of a retail shopping bag: rigidity on the bottom (usually a rectangular piece of cardboard there) is key to the sharpness of the form, otherwise it sags...I may try to follow your lead!
  8. Heh, I used to feel the same way! but ... after seeing many micros I got used to it and now I think the smooth micro proportions look more "correct" than the mini ... I even bought one :smile: I'd love a micro phantom :smile:
  9. :tup:
  10. i wish the phantom had longer straps (not liking the shape of the shoulder luggage) and that the bottom of the bag isn't too wide (10"). I wish they made it 6".

    I'm very happy with my SS 2012 small trapeze though.

    ditto on micro having a detachable shoulder strap.

    longer shoulder drop also on the north/south zippered cabas.
  11. I wish they would make the colors last longer, or re-release them.
  12. wish new stamped croc phantom came with celine embossing
  13. Erase the zipper pocket from the front of the luggage tote
  14. Bumping this one. Please revert to lambskin lining for the bi-material and the Gusset Cabas!

    How about a re-issue of the non-wavy Luggage with shorter handle drop?
  15. Ooh I like this topic!
    I vote for:
    - suede lining and detachable strap on all Trios
    - I second cotonblanc's request for lambskin (or other non-fake) lining on the gusset Cabas
    - more bright colors!

    On a side note, I wish Céline made a minimalist shoulder tote that is sturdy enough to carry a laptop computer. The shoulder Luggage is pretty close, but I can't get past the robot face and am tired of how played out the Luggage is in general.