What condition is your bag from Nordstrom sale?


Dec 3, 2006
I was just complaining to my friends that my new Blake's zippers are defective! The zippers require both of my hands to open. I like the bag but I think I am going to return it. I don't think I can find a replacement, but hopefully, I will find something else I like in the future.

By the way, the tags were cut off. It is probably a return before.
The Riri zippers used on the Blakes and many other MJ bags are notoriously difficult to open. The good news is that they get better with time. If you do a search you can find several ways members have dealt with this problem. Good luck.
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Oct 17, 2006
Oh Melly, i read your response too late! I returned the bag already because the zipper was too bothersome to me. Hopefully the bag will go to a good home.