What condition is your bag from Nordstrom sale?

  1. Thanks to the sale sighting post in this forum, I was able to get a Black Venetia during the sale at Nordstrom. I picked up the bag today and while it's nice, I don't think it's in pristine condition.

    1) The feet has many scratches on them
    2) The plastic protective piece on the push lock is missing on the bottom side of one of the push lock
    3) There are some minor marks/scratching on the leather.

    I think I was one of the last to pick the bag up so it's the last one in the store. I can't exchange it even if I want to. The girl assured me it wasn't a floor model but how would I know. And it didn't come in a box, just a dust bag. Is that right?

    So, I was wondering what condition was your bag when you got it. Also, what color is the lining of the black bag? Mine is grey. For some reason, I thought it would be brown suede like my bordeaux zip clutch. The stitching is black, which I like. That's the correct color for Fall 07 bag right?

    Over all, I'm happy with the bag. It's just that when I got my zip clutch from Shopbop, it was packaged so nicely and the clutch was absolutely flawless so I expected the same from Nordstrom.
  2. What color is the hardware? What does the little tag inside the inside pocket say? The black venetias I've seen from the fall season had brown suede lining and gold hardware.
    I've bought several bags from Nordstrom and they never came in a box. They usually come in a dustbag. Occasionally, I've bought a bag without a dustbag, because it was a return in very good condition.
  3. Another girl on here - for the last Nordies sale - got a brown (whiskey brown or another alcoholic - named - blake - maybe Cognac LOL) and it had a mark on it if I recall correctly. She tried to find another one but there weren't any. If you were to find another to exchange it - I'd call asap. I was able to get the blake I wanted and it didn't have any protective plastic on the zippers - and the tags were cut - most likely a return. There were no marks though - I was OK with it. As for the scratches on the feet - I wouldn't be too worried about that. the only thing I would worry about are the marks/scratches on the actual bag. That would bother me. Maybe you can post pics to show us. Maybe they can order you another one - then you can return one?
  4. lovekoobabags - you are too funny! "alcoholic named blake" - :roflmfao:
  5. The hardware is gold. The little tag say "SS0197". Is this a Spring bag and not a Fall bag? I kind of prefer the brown suede lining but I don't know the chances of getting any black Venetia now.
  6. I'm not sure about that tag. SS usually stands for Spring? But I don't know about the year? I just read where someone was able to order a black venetia, so there may still be some out there. The SA would have to do a search to see what's available at other stores and have it sent to you.
  7. If you're not happy with the condition and it's going to continue to bother you, return it. Even if another bag can't be located during the current sale, you'll find something you love later. I've done this-bag came clearly used, scratched, with hair in it. I returned. Even though they're on sale, they're still very expensive; if you don't love it, take it back!

    BTW, I can't believe the way people apparently buy bags, get a LOT of use out of them, and then return. WTF? How do they get away with it, and why would anyone else want to buy a clearly used bag? I don't get it.
  8. WHAT? I had no idea this was possible. So people use this bag and return it and you have to pay $$$, the same as a brand new one?
    I'm upset reading this and hope the bag I'm waiting for from Nordstrom isn't like that at all!
  9. You know, my plum kid came with the tags cut but it's in perfect condition. I wonder if mine was a return?
  10. it might have been a return, i was at the nordies in valley fair on friday and most of the MJs that they had were not in "perfectly new" condition, most of the elastic stams had the tags cut off..

    nordstrom has a very flexible return policy, i know people that return stuff to nordies 6 months after purchasing it, whether it be clothes, shoes, or handbags.. so i wouldnt be surprised if the bag turned out to be a return..
  11. Wow, I wasn't aware of the returns. My elastic stam also did not have any tags and there wasn't any plastic on the lock. I didn't closely inspect it when I picked it up. I just assumed it was new. Will do when come back home :sad:
  12. If the tags are cut it doesn't not necessarily mean the bag is used. For some reason Nordstrom cuts the tags off most of their bags. I prefer my bags to come with tags attached so I find that practice very annoying.
  13. ^^^^That's my experience with Nordies as well. I'm always searching for that MJ tag to see colors. LOL!!

    Many of the stores get only one or two of style and colors, so it would be difficult to find something that hadn't been tried on or looked at by another person.

    Scratches, or stains I definately wouldn't accept - and if it isn't true love, you will definately need to return it!
  14. I totally agree with wanting to have the tags attached!!! My Christy looks great THOUGH I am not sure if it's a return as the shoulder strap had a tiny scratch :crybaby:Thank god it wasn't that noticeable. Took me a day to notice!!! Anyway, the tags were actually cut off and I located it inside the pocket. Other than that, the pushlocks had the protective cover, and the zippers (inside and out) had them too. I wonder if someone bought it, and just changed their mind...
  15. I was just complaining to my friends that my new Blake's zippers are defective! The zippers require both of my hands to open. I like the bag but I think I am going to return it. I don't think I can find a replacement, but hopefully, I will find something else I like in the future.

    By the way, the tags were cut off. It is probably a return before.