What Completes An Outfit?

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  1. :drool: For me, my Chloe handbag. I have the silverado now, but I am looking at another one that I think I must have ( the Edith). It doesn't matter if I am dressed way relaxed in my Joe's and a tank top, as long as I have my lux handbag I feel like I am protected and secure. How about you ladies?
  2. I was just thinking about this today. I had on my nice jeans, sweater and a structured blazer and just some knock around clogs. But....I had a great handbag on my arm, a Kooba Jessie in raisin that I love...and it made me feel so pulled together.

    That is what a nice handbag can do.
  3. To me the accessories are what make the outfit. The plainest combination can be made great by a great bag, great shoes and great jewelry or a scarf. It really is the little things that matter!
  4. Jewelry.

    Lately I've been wearing a pocket watch as a necklace to work and a big gold ring to play.
  5. Accessories:
    Doesn't have to be blingy jewelry (but can be as well ;)) that can really give a plain outfit that 'oomf'
    Or the currently in-style wide belts....... love that!!
  6. Accessories! A beautiful bag (I :heart: Chanel!) makes a casual outfit so classy! I love jewelry too (also :heart: Chanel costume jewelry, or anything really), and bangles (I have a ton from India I love to wear with jeans)... it takes whatever I'm wearing and gives it personality. :smile:

  7. Accesories-a great bag, some jewlery or a nice pair of shoes.
  8. Definitely Shoes and Jewelry... for times you are not carrying a purse!
  9. for me, definitely the bag.

    you look naked without one.
  10. For me it is remembering to zip up my pants. :smile:
  11. ^^^ LOL that's a great one!

    For me, definitely the handbag and great shoes! Love how a fantastic accessory can dress up or down an outfit so easily!
  12. Fabulous handbag, great shoes and amazing jewelry definitely make an outfit.

    If I had to choose one thing it would be the Handbag.
  13. Shoes, jewelry and a great handbag. I love feeling put together and chic and those three things are must have's when I go out.

    But I think my top choice for completing an outfit would definitely be a handbag.
  14. got to have a killer purse and a cute pair of shoes.
  15. For me it's a nice jacket and handbag, especially in winter. I hate wearing the same coat every day, so I choose between the 5 - 6 I have depending on my mood!