What compels you to buy a BE bag sight unseen?

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  1. With the new Fall 2008 Collection on the near horizon (pre-orders accepted now with anticipated completion in July), mixed feelings about the Crash leathers and/or limited availability of non-Crash colors, and ladies perusing with caution so as not to get caught up in the pre-order excitement or consequential hype, what compels you to order a Belen Echandia bag sight unseen?

    You've read some of the threads, you've seen photos, you've read rave reviews, and you've examined the BE web site so many times that it's nearly committed to memory...

    The bags are a bit on the pricey side...

    They may be coming from overseas with Custom Duty fees...

    You've never seen one up-close and personal...

    You have no personal knowledge of fellow PF members who love this brand and have no idea what they look like if you literally bumped into one IRL on the street (sans her BE, of course, as this may give her away ;))...

    So, above considered, what compels you to take the plunge and order one?

    Or, conversely, if you have already ordered, what compelled you to do so ~ especially if any of the points raised above are applicable?

    And, if you haven't ordered and are on the fence about it, what would assuage your concerns and incentivize you to give it a shot?
  2. The major reason for buying a bag unseen is because all of the pics you girls post! That was the reason I bought my first bag. Plus I liked the idea the quantities she produces are limited so not everyone would have one. It is also more mid-high end priced I think so it's not too pricey like a Balenciaga. Her styles and the leather she uses are also unique! :smile: It seemed well worth it to me and now that I have my first BE I am certain I am paying a price where I don't feel as guilty about it as paying for another brand who's quality is lacking although high end. I believe most high end designers are lacking in quality as they are mass producing so I think of BE as a happy between.
  3. I agree - all the wonderful reviews, opinions and pics give a girl a head start to make a judgement.
    I frequently buy things unseen - and usually I have not been disappointed.
    If I am, or if it's not for me, I return it.
  4. The first time I bought without seeing was a chocolate SM. I could tell from the website photo that it would be a bag I'd like, and I was absolutely right.

    The second one I bought was a bespoke apple green SM. The second purchase was easier because I'd seen the style and the quality of construction.

    It's coming this week, and I'm really hoping it's going to be as gorgeous as I'm imagining.

    ETA: After years of living with my own taste, I'm finally able to look at a pic, read a review, and figure out 99% of the time whether something will work for me.
  5. When I first started buying BE, I think there were only two ladies on tpf with BE bags. I read their posts, I looked at the BE website, and I thought, okay, this looks good. The design of the handbags reeled me in. Also, the "no quibble return" policy is great. I took the plunge and with my first bag I saw that I was buying incredible quality. I own two LV's, a Celine, a Gucci, some Mulberry. But most of my bags are BE's and I love them.

    So, to answer the question, it was pure chance that I discovered BE and taking a chance.
  6. I'm blaming it on Karen and Lovebags2.:roflmfao:
  7. Yea, I blame it on Lovebags2 too! :P Though seriously, I like to have bags that are of a unique style and that are not knocked off by either ebayers/competitors. I love that Jackie has limited quantities and that the name is so new, not to many people know of it too. I will tell you that TPF has become a dangerous place for me and my monies!
  8. I think I must have read the posts when Tropicalgal did, because I remember SHC and JNH14 modeling their bags and I was really "wowed" by the look of the leather, design, and their comments about the bags. I had my eye on the TMA for a long time, but I was concerned that the size was too large for me. When the Love Me came out, I was convinced it was the perfect bag for me because 1. I adored Jackie's grey 2. it looked like a smaller proportioned TMA. I was so glad that I took the plunge!

    The black crash IM came to me in a dream (no kidding!) and I couldn't stop thinking about it....same thing with the apple green LMM. The fact that Jackie had it in a glossy leather only sealed the deal and it was meant to be :P!

    I think I know what works well for me (my style, my lifestyle, what compliments my figure, what's functional) and I have an idea in my mind of the perfect bag. When I see that bag and then also find beautiful leather, colors, design - well, I'm a goner!
  9. I was a fairly early adopter, and I agree that the modeling pics went a long way toward compelling me to buy BE, especially those of JNH14. Oh, the modeling pics of the Love Me on the BE website were also highly influential. I'll never forget how cool that purple LM looked on the model!
  10. When I first came across the forum, I went to the BE website after reading some posts, saw the purple LM and instantly knew that it was meant for me. But I also knew that I needed silver hardware on it, so waited for the custom order to come about.

    For my tastes I know exactly what I love color and design-wise, it drives my husband crazy, but I can literally shop for hours, and leave with nothing. When I see what's right for me, I just know. That's why I am having such a hard time with the fall line, I didn't have that instant love for any bags.

    BUT the ladies on here have been invaluable with things like leather quality, weight, pictures to judge sizes, quality of customer service, etc.

    So with my custom order, which is even picture unseen because it has silver hardware and didn't exist yet LOL, I knew that I loved the design and color, saw the silver hardware on other bags and liked it, read what everyone else thought about the leather etc, and just put it all together and am completely confident that the bag love of my life is coming my way!

  11. Oooh I would have loved to see the purple LM modeling pics!
  12. Another excellent thread to start. See my comments between paragraphs....

    ****Really weird thing, before I bought my first BE bag, then was able to get two lovely SM's, I would have never considered a bag that didn't have a zip top. Yet I wasn't in love with the IM so I didn't want to order that one.
  13. Before owning a BE, I have always admired them and read the BE threads periodically. It was way out of my price range, so I didn't even bother to think I can actually own one. I was just an admirer. I love that the bags were handmade in Italy and produced in small quantities.

    Fastforward to the sale in January. I was on the website but the LM's were all sold out and I was left with no BE. I was quite sad, but decided to write Jackie and email to see if there was any LM's left at all, as that was the BE bag that I really coveted.

    Jackie replied very quickly and said that I could have a petrol LM that was coming in and was very happy that I was interested in her bags. She went out of her way to make me happy. I also really loved the purple color so I asked about the purple LMM and got that as well. I ended up loving them both and have been a BE convert ever since. Although the bags are pricy (at least for me), they are worth every penny. I love my BEs and will wear them for a long time.
  14. I had numerous email chats with Jackie over a year ago and none of the bags, at that time, were what I wanted. Since that time, I bought some bags I liked and one I loved [my LP Piper Speedy]. I bought and returned many other bags. I came onto the BE threads and read many reviews and then the LMM became available. I spoke with Jackie about it, as well as LMM owners, and decided to take a chance. Now I have two LMM's, which are perfect for me. I'm waiting for my LM Midi to be delivered. So it was a combination of word of mouth, contact with the designer, customer service and the right bag at the right time. When making a decision to buy a new bag, reading detailed reviews and seeing photos of the bags would be a deciding factor. I''m also on the swatch list because of all the new colors this fall. This will also be a factor in making a purchase.
  15. HEY! Don't blame me! Ok wait I guess you should! LOL

    I blame Lovebags2 as well. She is a huge enabler.:roflmfao: