What companies/brands are dedicated to superior product and customers service?

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  1. I have been into designer purses for awhile now and I have read on several forums that the quality and customer service of many brands has gone downhill. Some companies are so large and successful and arrogant now that they are cutting corners on quality and customers are complaining of bad customer service when something goes wrong w/ a $1000+ bag that they purchased.

    I'd love to hear peoples feedback on which companies they think are still providing superior products and customer service.

  2. The best customer service I have ever encountered is at Lockheart....when you call the 1.800 number you get a live person who is actually pleasant and goes out of her way to help with whatever she can. I give them an A+

    I don't have much experience with the customer service for the brands you listed...although I admire their work it is a bit out of my price range ;)
  3. I have quite a few higher end bags but have not had to utilize their CS yet. The companies I have come into contact with and that have done a superior job have been Alexis Hudson and Treesje. Both went out of their way to help me, responded fast and were generally very pleasant and great to work with. I will continue to support these brands for a long time to come, not only because of their gorgeous bags but also for their commitment to their clients.
  4. I've had pretty good luck with Marc Jacobs. I haven't had a problem with a bag, but I have purchased a couple of authentic MJ bags on E-bay that were missing parts and I was able to get replacement parts sent to me at no cost. I thought that was pretty great customer service.
  5. i second this. the sa's i deal with in the nyc boutique are wonderful and the warranty on their products is amazing.
  6. I too agree with the SAs at MJ, but more specifically MBMJ. I purchased the Dr. Q Hillier hobo in black with silver hardware. After about 2-3 weeks of wearing it around, the screws began to come loose and one even dropped off. My mom was able to swing by the boutique and they gladly gave her spare rings and screws. Unfortunately, despite that, the hardware continued to come loose. So, instead I took the bag myself and the SA I spoke with told me that several of the Dr. Qs from the season [last winter] were somewhat defective like mine was. He was not able to replace it; however, he did search high and low for superglue and meticulously glued and screwed the rings shut for me. Since then, I've had no problems!

    I find that many designer stores I go to, the staff is older and more uptight, unwilling to attend to a younger customer in the same manner they would someone who is more 'important' looking so to speak; however the young, vibrant MJ SAs are so knowledgeable and helpful, which really makes me an even bigger MJ fan than I already was before experiencing their CS.
  7. Ignes handbags - their CS is beyond amazing. :yes:
  8. I know many have horror stories about SA at LV but I had a snap break on a wallet and called a LV store about getting it fixed (i live no where near a LV store) and the woman was extremely helpful and went out of her way to provide service. I was impressed. Usually when I go into a store the SA are normally rude.
  9. I think there are few handbag companies that are known particularly for their customer service. The only one i can recommend (despite having owned any number of designer bags) is Belen Echandia. Their service is excellent and customers are certainly made to feel special. This is a big rarity nowadays when I think customers are often made to feel we owe the privilege of buying a bag to the SA/company.