What commericals can you not stand?

  1. What are the commericals that drive you crazy? For me its:

    1. The YOP commerical with kids passed out and the computer altered mouth singing some horrible reggae song. Everytime I see it I want to write YOP and tell them how much I hate it. I will probably never drink it again b/c the commerical bugs me so much.

    2. The A & W commercial with the couple on a date who go to get a burger after having an expensive dinner. The guy just bugs me a lot...
  2. 1. "head on". They had these really cheesy graphics and the voice over just kept repeating, "head on, apply directly to the forehead", "head on, apply directly to the forehead". Sooooo annoying!!!
  3. I'm hating the election commercials as of late.:cursing:
  4. One I dislike is the one with men sitting around a table (including a creepy-looking Burt Reynolds) with their Miller Lite and talking about stupid MenRules and some old guy is writing it all down. Maybe it's funny to some, it just seems dumb to me.

    The "Head-On" ads go without saying--nothing more irritating.
  5. I totally agree! And now they have the follow up commericals that are even worse. Who made those commericals? Was it a junior high school project?
  6. The Head On commercial all the way.....it just gives you a headache listening to it.
  7. I hate those personal injury attourney commercials they show in the middle of the afternoon. Those lawyers are nothing more than ambulence chasers.

    The most recent one is exploiting the high rate of suicide among teenagers that take Xanax (or something). "O Fortuna" is playing in the background, and the whole thing is in bad taste.
  8. Clear eyes- Dry Eyes- how's about a black eye!!
  9. I hate the one for milk where the creepy guy is shaking the cow, putting his hands all over that poor cow and shake shake...yuck
  10. I actually like those Bud Light commercials.. some of them are HILARIOUS..

    Can't stand the new Citibank commercials.. I think that's what it's for.. with some dude with a Russian accent... They've been playing them all day today in between football games. Argh.
  11. That one that was recorded with the volume like 9 times higher than normal, and in addition features this guy with The Most Annoying Voice in the World, screaming, "HI BOB MAYS HERE BLAH BLAH BLAH" about some product or other.
  12. All of them! I hate commercials...once we got tivo, we were hooked, now occasionally when we see commercials....we're like....ugh!
  13. For some reason I hate the Credit Report commercial where the guy is sitting down and says "I'm thking of a number and my number is 750! yada yada. blah blah"
    For some reason I find him sooo annoying!

    Also, the Geiko commercials esp. the one of the cavemen dining and the actor (as Mini me) rapping....ewwwww
    And btw, I hate the geiko too cause I can't stand lizards!!! ewwww
  14. I hate the Lindex commercials, there's just that odd lesbian vibe in them :s. The commercials probably run only in Europe though.
  15. Oh, yes!! They creep me out!

    There's a local one that no one outside of Wilmington, NC would see. It's a car dealer who has a voice that sounds like fingernails on a blackboard. And the awful skits they do are cringe-worthy.:yucky: