what comes with it?

  1. when making a balenciaga city purchase, what comes with the bag in addition to the dust bag and box?
    thanks for the help.
  2. extra tassels,contrallo cards, extra care cards,and the strap
  3. the strap which is the one hanging on the bag, right?
  4. Don't forget the mirror!

    Yep, there is a longer strap that hooks onto the rings at the side so you can sling it on your shoulder easily.
  5. so that's all the features? i just wanted to make sure i got what i'm supposed to get.
  6. The box doesn't necessarily come with the bag. I never received the box and I bought at different places. I just got the box with my coin purse from HN in London but I don't mind not having the boxes because I put my bags in their cupboard anyway.