what comes with bag

  1. hi im new here. i got my first paddington this morning. was very excited,
    what is supposed to come with it as there are no care booklets or anything. i had a round tag attached and one with the colour on but thats it
  2. With all of my chloe purchase, I believe there was also a little book inside of a chloe envelope, but I can't remember for sure. If I have time I'll check my paddies to see.
  3. There is a round Chloe tag plus a tri-fold care card in a little envelope thingy. This care card is usually put in the internal zipped pockets or could be hidden in one of the external pockets (there are 2 on the regular satchel-style Paddy).
  4. I didn't find a care booklet in my new Paddy. Just the round Chloe hanging tag.
  5. This is what arrived with my bag (I believe this to be as standard)

    Triple fold care card in little wallet, found in the inside pocket
    Net a Porter 'No return' tag
    Chloe retail circular tag
  6. Hmmm I might have to do another search in the pockets.
  7. Same here, plus Chloe dust bag.
  8. Any luck yet, or has your bag got more pockets than mine?:lol: ;)
  9. interesting. the Aubergine came without a chloe bag but with a Net-A-Porter.com" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter bag..isnt' that weird? the handles were also wrapped

    Tobacco came with chloe bag and a Net-A-Porter bag without handles wrapped. Weird.
  10. My Aubergine did not have any NAP bag.
  11. No booklet ladies for my Tobacco Paddy. My handles were wrapped and it came both the NAP and Chloe dustbags. Weird, huh?
  12. I didn't have a NAP bag and the handles weren't wrapped. The padlock was though.
  13. Thankfully my padlock was wrapped too. I guess all NAP Paddies are not packed the same way.
  14. mine had both the nap bag and the chloe bag...but from what i recall now care cards which i know usually comes along since my medium pocket did...ill check once i get home...but should be ok right? im just hoping it wouldnt cause an issue when we need to get something fixed at some chloe boutique in the future.
  15. ^ Shouldn't cause a problem - there's not a great deal of info on there, tbh.
    Maybe Chloe can spare you a care card?:flowers:

    BTW, mine came with a wrapped padlock and a Chloe Dustbag - in fact, when i look at Loony's tobacco paddy sitting in the NAP box, mine is exactly the same.:yes:

    For any ladies who didn't get a Chloe dustbag, i would chase up NAP with that one.:yes: