What comes with a Chanel bag?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I received my first Chanel bag today and it came with a box and dustcover, but what else should come with the bag? I have a cambon tote.

    Should there be an authenticity card, care booklet, etc? And, if so, what do these things look like. Please post pics if you can!

  2. My card was tucked inside one of the inner zippered pockets. Did you check there?
  3. Yep, the card should be in one of the pockets!
  4. My Reporter bag from NM was in the Chanel box, in the dustbag, every outside/inside pocket stuffed with tissue paper, and the care/authenticity cards were in the inside pocket.
  5. An envelope with the care info and an authenticity card, dustbag and box.
  6. There is no envelope!! Now what? Should I be worried? How is the SA going to find the matching authenticity card?? And do the cambon bags have the halogram sticker or some kind of identifier inside?
  7. Did you check all pockets? I though mine was missing too.. but it was in the inside pocket, and the number/ hologram should be on the bottom inside on the totes.
  8. Okay, I checked all the pockets....the two on the inside and the one on the outside....no cards of any sort.....if the authenticity card cannot be located for this exact bag, do I need to return it? What do you all think?
  9. You should call the SA that sold the bag to you and tell them the bag was received without any cards or the care booklet. Then ask if she can send them to you.
  10. Give the bag one more good search and then call your SA. My Chanel arrived today, and there was an envelope with the receipt, and the authenticity card was inside the bag.