What comes next?

  1. I can't decide on my next bbag. I try to keep my collection small and versatile/neutral. Currently: black City, camel PT, tomato First. Loooove the City, use it so much; looooove the PT, so broken in and versatile; trying to love to First, it's kinda small and won't get slouchy fast enough.

    So, should I get a Twiggy or Work?? AND should I get it in grape/violet??? What other color then? I'm waiting on a grape Twiggy but once it's in I'm afraid I'll want a Work instead. Do you think grape is neutral enough or will someone like me (who loves neutrals, no blue bags please!) get bored of a purple bag and not be able to wear it enough? Any suggestions?

    Size-wise I like the Work. I don't NEED that much bag but I don't mind it. I'm small and didn't feel like it overpowered me. Plus, something about a big (perhaps purple??) bag for fall is so appealing. I had one once but didn't dig the color so I returned it. Will the Twiggy feel small? I love how it looks when it's broken in. Please please please give me your color/style opinions, Bal PFers!! I rely on you!
  2. hmm... I think the twiggy can fit just as much as a city if any less, its not that much less... all depends on what you like... the twiggy does look gorgey when its broken in... the twiggy was my first Bbag... I still love it but after getting the city, PT and work size... I find those sizes suit me more and accomodate my needs more... I love the twiggy still, but I find its just not for me anymore... I put alot of stuff in my bags, and I dont like that stuffed sausage look of the twiggy when its full...

    I definitely recommend the work size... its big but not ridiculously big... its my fav size actually... perfect (for me)...

    as for color... I think violet is "neutral" enough compared to other colors like yellow or pink... and yes a violet work bag will be great for fall! imagine it with all that beautiful fall wardrobe! since you have black, brown and red already (like me!)... I definitely think violet will be a good choice if you dont like blue bags (like me!)... HTH!
  3. That's really helpful ali, thanks! I definitely think violet will be a great neutral, beautiful for fall and other seasons but I cannot decide on a style and I need one now before they're all out!

    Here's what I'm thinking (since I really do ultimately want one of each): maybe a violet Twiggy and a plomb Work?? Should I venture into giant hardware - because I think a SGH plomb Work might be magical! Anyone have pics of that?

  4. Oooooh - that sounds like a great plan!! :okay:Yes, go for SGH because it looks fab on a work and the silver with plomb is really special. Happy shopping!!!
  5. yes i love my Work bag. it's big but just right for me. ive had it for a week now and i don't regret this style that i chose =)
  6. I second that!!!

    If you're only doing one each, I definitely recommend you getting the Work in more neutral color, and something fun like Violet in the cute Twiggy style.

    If you do a search on Plomb or Steel Work, I think you can see quite a few pics:tup: