What comes after LV?

  1. Of course nothing can beat Louis Vuitton but which brand comes second for you pursewise? :smile: For me it's probably Gucci...

    I haven't seen a thread on this subject but if there has been already some talk about this please go ahead and delete this thread.
  2. I am heading more to Chanel. One thing quality of craftmanship of LV is still more outstanding than the rest of the high end brand. One day maybe Hermes. But so far Im stuck in between. I never go for Dior. I have one a few Gucci, presents from my parents. Thats all.
  3. I have a special place in my heart for Balenciaga and Gucci. :biggrin:
  4. There is something other than LV? :cool:
  5. LV LV LV and then LV and then maybe a little Gucci
  6. There is no designer bags that attract me as much as LV. I was looking at Bottega veneta a season ago, and even LOEWE, but as for now LV is better. I am going to try out the Hermes leather though, if only to test the quality. ;)

    As luxury brands in general Prada is my "second choice" and still brings out enjoyable and interesting designs each season, and really comfy shoes! Prada is most for clothes though, LV for accessoires.
  7. Gucci....but lately Chanel!!:nuts:
  8. I love Balenciaga :yes:
  9. LV don't come first to me, maybe it's the 3rd or 4th. Balenciaga is the first ... then chanel.
  10. Chanel!
  11. for me it is Hermes ,Lv ,Balenciaga then the rest
  12. I must admitt I'm no big fan of LV, even though I've never owned any.
    I'll surely buy one, but I'm still undecided between Monogram Sonatine or Popincourt and the Epi line, which is less recognisable (in Italy, at least).
    Anyway I think Gucci and Dior can be compared to Lv, Chanel & Hermes IMO come first.
  13. LV used to top the list of my favorite brands (before I knew better :graucho: LOL!!!) but this is how it goes now: Hermes, CHANEL, Ltd. Ed. LVs (some), everything else.
  14. Originally I posted this thread in the Louis Vuitton forum because I was curious of what other LV lovers liked after LV. But as this thread has now been moved to this forum I guess it doesn't really make any sense anymore because those who prefer some other brand obviously will say that LV doesn't come first in the begin with.
  15. ^ so it might be best just to let this thread drop...