What colours does the Epi Leather Speedy come in?

  1. Can anyone help, its just that i think i have saw it in white (i like it in white, but cannot find it in white) and want to know if you can. Also if there are any other colours it is available in.

    Thanks, your help is very much appreciated. :smile:
  2. go to louisvuitton.com to see the colors that are still available. I don't think there is much more than red, black and maybe blue. brown too? can't remember.
  3. Thanks
  4. I just went there, to save you time, the 25 comes in black, brown, blue and red and the 30 comes in black and red. the others are sold out.
  5. If you look on ebay there are a few other colors: :yes:
    a few BLUES
  6. Do they ever come out with new or limited edition colors? Sorry for my ignorance.
  7. yeah the mandarin which was my fave. see them on e-bay once in a while. I saw a white one some time ago. I'll keep my e-bay eyes peeled for you.;)
  8. Vanilla pops up from time to time, try let-trade. It really looks great in Vanilla.