What colours can be wear with Grenat ????

  1. Hi Girls !!!
    I think I want/need a Grenat work :yes: !!!
    (maybe more than the pre-ordered Blue India City).

    Of course, I think Grenat must be great with black...
    but with brown/chocolate, green, or with a touch of pink or red ???:shrugs:

    Could you please help me and tell me what colours do you (or would you) wear with you Grenat bags :girlsigh: ????
  2. personally, i think you can wear just about any colors with grenat. i would love a work in grenat.
  3. Any color!
    It looks great with white, denim, green, yellow... you should buy it !! :yes: :heart: :yes:
  4. I think light blues, greys and purples would match too!
  5. I wear it with pink, beige, brown, blue and it looks great. It's so versatile more than the blue india I'd say.
  6. Thanks Myriam, Robot, Hazel and Tanja:flowers: !!!
    I didn't thought Grenat could match with so many colours !!!
    And I'll try as soon as possible:graucho: !!!
    (but maybe Blue India must arrive first !!!)
  7. Do you know if Bal Paris is getting the rouge vif in the work size? It's impossible to find it here in Germany.