What colour???

  1. Hi !!!

    I am about to buy 3 bags from gerard darel:biggrin: (charlotte) in france but i am not sure in which colour to get them.

    I even don't know what colours exist.
    Can anyone help me with that?

    Thank youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!:love:
  2. Ohh I love those bags, but I'm not sure about the colors! Let's see who knows. And please please please show us pics of them!! I have been wanting one of these bags for a while and would love to see one that someone buys!
  3. Unfortunately, french ebay is the only place that has any decent photos (except for the pics of my black, which I've posted here before)

    But here's some new styles and colors I thought were interesting. I hope this helps.
    8e_1_b.jpg eb_1_sbl.jpg 91_1_b.jpg 7d_1_b.jpg 05_2.jpg
  4. Thank you!!!

    Yes, these bags are gorgeus!!!!!!
    I searches a bit in the intenet an i found a number of pics in different colours!!!

    I saved them on my pc but I don't know how to post them!!! :sad:
  5. Here's the link to posting pics.

  6. Me tooo!! :love: I would love to get one these bags but haven't got any luck to find it in US. Please send us pictures. That would be great!.
  7. Thanks Greenie!!
  8. Thank you!

    I hope that you can see the pics now!!!

    I am thinking about getting a black, white and a pink one!!!!
    What do you think???

    How do you like the plum coloured bag???
    Gerard%20Darel.jpg Gerard%20Darel%20Pics%20005.jpg Picture%20006.jpg Plum.jpg Silver.jpg
  9. i know that there is even a tourquoise one!
    and i know that there are going to be embroidered bags for summer, so if you go to their store you might have mmore information!
    i already have the black one, and i am going to buy the white one.
    i was thinking of buying the brown one with pockets too :love:
  10. I am in love with the grey bag with the flap:love:
  11. i am so in love with these bags!!
    i own many expensive bags but i've never been so in love with a bag like this time!!!!
  12. They have nice colors!!!
  13. Are all these bags the same size? I like the way it fits on the shoulder in the one pic...I thought they were only satchel carrying type bags.
  14. those bags are pretty cute, the more i see them, the more i like!
  15. Wow, love that pink and the white! The pics don't do it justice. These are great bags. The leather is really nice, and the bag feels good on your arm. I had my black one out last week and really enjoyed carrying it. I gotta call Balissimo and see what's going on with the new colors.