What colour would you wear with damier azur?

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  1. Hi evryone,
    I've just recently joined this forum, and this forum is so greattt. Evryone sounds fun.. :wlae:

    I just bought a damier azur in speedy 30, and i'm having second thought about it. I don't know what colour of clothes would i wear with the bag :confused1:. At first i thought yellow and creamy colour would be nice, but now i think i would look too pale overall.

    How about you all? What colour of clothes would you wear with a damier azur bag?
  2. jeans and a crisp white shirt!
  3. I think anything you like, who says there has to be certain colors or styles to go with it. I mean if people can wear anything with their new Mirior bags this one is more classic and I would wear it with all my regular clothing.

  4. i agree with gillianna on this one..:yes:
  5. I think anything as well. If you compliment your bag it may feel too matchy-matchy and the contrast instead would showcase your new purchase :biggrin:
  6. almost any color goes well with azur...:rolleyes:
  7. That's what I do! :yahoo: But since its cold here.. I throw over a black hoodie.
    I agree it almost goes with anything.
  8. I think camel looks great with the azur. But so do a lot of other colors. Hold it up to the clothes in your wardrobe and you can see that it will look good with a variety of colors. Congrats on getting your azur!
  9. Congratz on the Azur speedy 30! You will love it very much, i love mine before i get to see it in RL! Hum...i pair mine w/mostly casual style, only avoid green top, but that's just me. It's really a matter of how YOU feel about it. If you worry the Azur color don't match your outfit, why not throw on some charms/cles on the Speedy? I use red epi cles to add that 'pop' of color, if i have my red accessories on, inclusion charms, scarfs will do the tirck, Juicy have some amazing selection of charms to personalize the Speedy too!
  10. I think only green and red won't look good with Azur, other colors are no problem w/Azur. (I guess and I want a Azur speedy 30 so bad, luck you^^)
  11. I think earth tones would work well with this collection: camels, khaki, cream, navy, white, and even black. Enjoy your new bag!

  12. Yes I agree, I haven't carry mine yet..
  13. i would even wear with my PJ's!!!
  14. Me too!!:yes: