What colour would you say this is?

  1. OK - what colour is this? This is from MY auction listing - which is over now but I know we are still not allowed to post links.
    Anyhoo -- what colour is this bracelet?
    It's a "Vachetta Wish Bracelet"
    THANKS =)

  2. Hmm...is eBay asking you to classify under a color? If so...I would say tan? Is that an option?

  3. [omg that is such a cute bracelet btw!!]

    If there is any option between white and tan I'd go for it. If they had Pale Taupe then that'd be perfect but I dont think eBay has such a wide range of colour choices xD
  4. I'd go with beige or tan.
  5. Looks like vachetta to me. :p
    I'd call it tan, or if that's not an option, I guess light brown. Anyone who's going to buy an LV bracelet knows what color it is, though.
  6. To me it looks tan with a touch of pink. Maybe it's just the colors on my computer, but it looks a bit pink.
  7. Naked Vachetta

    it will tan will it not ?
  8. Thanks all -- I originally posted this is the Ebay section because this is an Ebay problem.
    I just sold this and the buyer emailed me saying she wants her moey back because it's not pink. She said 'maybe you sent me the wrong bracelet? The one I bid on was pink.) Huh???
    So I wanted others opinions on the colour (of course those of you who know LV know what 'vachetta' is ;))
    I told her it was probably her monitor because it's def. tan.
    Funny thing is that When I bought it on ebay I thought it was pink vernis -- so when I sold i made sure I took good pictures outside and close up.
  9. it's light vachetta colored. lol I'm confused by the question. I guess light vachetta is a light beige/brown color.
  10. Tan! Or honey-coloured...vachetta-coloured hehe
  11. It's vachetta.....definitely not pink!!!!
  12. It is natural vanchetta leather that will patina, or darken, over time. In NO way is it pink!