What colour would you call this ..??

  1. hmmmmmmmmmm, i donno, but are we sure it's real:huh:
  2. hi Aaal..

    I figure it isnt real...but it was just the weird colour that got me thinking...

  3. Its a wanna be auth. gray LOL!
  4. its an NBF chocolate brown- there were two different browns that NBF came out with- a greyish brown like this and a slightly more milk chocolately brown.

    you can tell by the whip marks in the leather and the slightly too gold brass hardware.

    Please do not bid on this fake.
  5. I saw it and I was wondering about the colour too..
    but like mocean said, the leather and the colour of the hardware is wrong and generally it just looks wrong!!
  6. hmm...the brass is really brassy - but, it is looking like a 2004 bag with the rivets like that.

    I hate authenticating or speaking to older bags - especially when there are no good photos of the bales or inside tag.
  7. Ummm what's NBF? :shame:

    BTW yes, the leather & hardware is off, I wouldn't bid on it
  8. NBF is an ioffer seller [newbagfactory] who makes some pretty good fake balenciagas, they started producing them... i dunno- a year ago? they almost look real- except for the leather and slightly off hardware

    be ready for some new colors to start popping up from them too. Its gonna get a bit more difficult to differentiate. on TFS there is an extensive thread...