What colour valentine's purse appeals most to you?

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What colour V-Day Bag did you/would you buy?

  1. Pink.

  2. Blue.

  3. Black.

  4. White.

  5. Green? (Heard a rumor about this in the shopping section)

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  1. I want one of these and I still can't decide what colour!

    What colour valentine's bag would you/did you buy?
  2. The blue is my favorite!
  3. Pink for me! ;)
  4. I love the white, but I think the black is more practical. :shrugs:
  5. I wanted the black and felt it was kinda boring...

    I love the pink, but maybe blue is more grown up? I don't know which one to get! :nuts:
  6. Hi chantal,

    I bought the coral valentine flap without seeing it IRL (just the pics here at tPF), but was very disappointed on the color IRL when I got it since it doesn't look anything like the nice color posted here. I tried to capture the color in my camera under different lightings, but the color doesn't show properly at all. IRL, it's very bright, more pink than orange, very candy and sweet. It's not the color for me coz I was looking for something more subtle. Also, I find that the leather is very fragile for this color as I got the bag brand new, but the leather on the corner on the top flap is kind of being rubbed off a little.

    Anyway, like I've said, the color I like most is originally is the coral after seeing pics here, but when I find out it's not the real color w/ the bag in my hands, I gave it up. The next color I like is the white, but it's very prone to getting dirty. So, I chose the black valentine instead. (I'm not into light blue bags, so I didn't choose it. But the light blue looks cute IRL too. If you're into light pastel blue bags, then this is it! But again, this color is "fragile".)

  7. Definitely the black. The charms and gold hw really stand out against the black lamb leather.

    Mia! Did you post pics of your black valentine's yet? :heart:
  8. #8 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009

    I have seen all the colours IRL actually that's why I feel so silly not being able to make up my mind! The one I first fell in love with was the pink. I tried it on and love it too. I am so hesitant though because I keep thinking of Paris Hilton when I see this bag and that's not the look I want.

    The baby blue isn't me, but my mum and SA both keep saying buy blue (it's their favourite). Thinking mre about my wardrobe and how much I use my black jumbo (more than my other bags) black probably would be the best!
  9. LOL about Paris Hilton!!! If you're into fun colors, then get the blue one. It is cute.

  10. Hey Jenn.....hahaha.....not yet. I'm going to do a reveal thread with all my other new stuff together.:graucho: I haven't taken pics yet since I'm busy with the Chinese New Year preparation. Will do after Chinese New Year. Stay tuned.;)

    Sorry chantal for being off topic.....:P Hope you get your dream v. flap soon! (And yes, the other reason why I picked black is the charms really stand out against the black leather more than the other colors except white, making it a fun black valentine.)

  11. Black or Pink, Black or Pink! What to do? I don't mind you being off topic, I want to know when you'll post photos as well. Maybe you can sway me. ;)
  12. I have the blue and I love it...but I have it purely as a collection piece. I was trying to get my hands on a black but was unable to...and then thought...do I really need two knowing that S/S collection is around the corner?

    I have to agree about the coral, it is very cute but there was just something that didn't really appeal to me...the white is divine but totally suicide since its in lamb!! Already delicate!

    If you plan on using the bag, black for sures. If you just want it as a collection piece and use it once in a "blue" moon..hehe blue!! I love the color!
  13. i like the white and black ones the best. i feel it makes the charms stand out more. but i'd be so scared of getting the white one dirty or color transfer!
  14. If I had the courage I would love this bag in white-:smile:
  15. I saw them in store today! And the last piece of pink/coral was sold right under my nose when I was looking at them! I hope more stock will come in soon...