What colour to wear with royal blue?

  1. Hey fashionistas :smile: What colour cover up would go with a royal blue t?

  2. Explain better please.
  3. I have a royal blue tshirt that I will be wearing with indigo (dark blue) coloured jeans and blue patent wedges. I would like to wear a cardigan and just wondered what colour would go ok with the blue tshirt? I guess its an elctric blue actually rather than royal blue...
  4. White, red, pink, orange, gray....If you pick red/orange/pink make sure to match your accessories to tie it into the look.

    Hope this helps!

  5. oh also metallics are great as a psuedo-neutral as well!
  6. Yellow goes great with blue.

  7. Thanks pro princess :smile:

    I was going to carry a white leather handbag but then it started to look all a bit sailor-y!! So thought a black canvas tote may tone it all down a bit - what do you think?
  8. I think a pale pink cardie would look fine with the white bag and take away the sailor element to the look. Black and blue looks great and again, I think you could still do the white bag. I have the Colette special issue Hermes scarf that has all of these elements, gold, white, royal blue, navy blue/black and it looks super on a black jacket.

    Whatever color you do, you can add a scarf with colors to lighten the overall look.
  9. a lovely mustard, or a light yellow, white /creme
  10. white mini skirt or pants or shorts.
  11. What about fuschia ...???
  12. I think thy would work with electric royal blue and would look good. Color blocking is really on trend nowadays too:smile:
  13. With a cobalt or electric blue, a lime-y yellowish green would be contemporary.
  14. I would go neutral -- grey, black, silver, I think off white/cream would work well too