What colour / SSN is this balenciaga Sienna is carrying?

  1. I love it.
  2. It could possibly be the 2003 red or 2004 true red with silver hardware?

    Anyone else?
  3. It looks like true red to me, either 04 season.....correct me if i'm wrong......:smile:
  4. thanks girls!!!
  5. This red is closest to Rouge Vif I think. It is a '04 I think - but a Rouge Vif would be much easier to find than a '03.
  6. No problem:yes: I really love the colour of Sienna's bag and was wondering about the colour, too- that's when I found the link.:idea: I bough a RV and the colour is quite similar! Hope you find one, too, Karenab!:yes:
  7. Yup, its closest to Rouge Vif 2006!
  8. What about '07 Rouge Vermillon compared to '04 True Red? Vermillon isn't really orange IRL...and the color seems to be a clear red more like the '04 one.

    Does anyone have a "C" tag and "V" tag red bag to show us side-by-side? I think they might actually be closer to one another than the Vif.
  9. Which ever it is that she's carrying, its definitely a red red. Zero orange hue to it.
  10. ^^I agree. For zero orange, i'd go with rouge vif.
  11. I thought that '06 Rouge Vif was pretty different from '04 True Red. Here's my comparison pic, I'd love to see '07 Rouge with '04 Red (I have a feeling they are closer):

  12. ^^ They're both really yummy, RealDealCollection !!:love::love::love:
  13. I love it. This colour is so deep and rich. More like strawberry rouge.