What colour/size of Hiller Hobo to get? HELP!

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I have finally decided to purchase a Hiller hobo :yahoo: but I am having a serious colour/size dilemma.

    First... colour. I saw the Raw Sugar in person and died, it is absolutely gorgeous. I'm just worried that I won't be able to carry it throughout the year and I don't want to be limited to just one season with such a gorgeous purse. I saw the 'Nice Tan' online and would love to get a brown one, but I am scared that the colour won't be as nice in person. Has anyone seen the Nice Tan colour? How similar is it to the Saddle?

    Second... size. I love the small version but I have tried it on and it looks too small on me. I am 5'4 and a size 18. The large version looks nice but it is just TOO big. And to make matters worse, the Nice Tan doesn't come in the large size.

    Help me out ladies, I need your wisdom!!

    Regular Hiller in the Nice Tan

    Huge Hiller in Raw Sugar
  2. Hmm... I would say go with the small hillier, because the large just seems too big. I don't think Raw Sugar would be limited to season... it's definitely a year round color.
  3. I vote for the large in raw sugar. The color looks great and it's totally seasonless. I love how big bags look so as long as you love it. But it sounds like neither size is right for you. Would you consider a different style?
  4. Try doing a search for modeling pictures and advice about sizing. This quandary has come up quite a few times on the forum. In my personal experience (5'4" and 110 lb), though, the huge was too huge for me, but the regular was the perfect size.
  5. I have the sm. beige hillier, and it's seasonless... pretty similar to the raw sugar color. I love it. I don't do brown bags... so can't help you there.

    Size-wise, I've tried on the HUGE hilliers, too, and have to agree w. you that they're too big. Maybe for some freak all-day-night out, but for regular purse-stuff, :nono:

    If you can't get into the small hillier b.c. it looks too small on you, maybe you do need to look into other styles. What about a Groovy? Or an Aidan? Those are pretty popular and might look better on your frame.

    Or you could just rock the hillier w. your bad self. My aunt was very heavy, 3X in clothes and 5'2ish. She wore mainly small bags. The only bigger bag she had was an old school backpack. So... I think that it's up to you to decide. I'm sure if you were walking down the street w. it, no one would think anything of you carrying it. Like, "oh, that's too small for her!"

  6. I hear you!
    Wish there was something in between. I tried on both also. I liked the way the large looked on the shoulder but not across my body but I liked the small across my body but not on the shoulder.
    I think I am going to go with the large because I think it looks sexy! But that's just me.
    I think Raw Sugar would be great for all seasons!
  7. I love the Hiller style. I can see how choosing a size might be difficult.

    However, keep in mind you have to be comfortable with the bag. Which size will hold what you need? Which strap is most comfortable?

    I have seen women carrying both bags. I think the style looks great, but ultimately the bag has to work for you. The large is too big for me, so I would opt for the smaller size (I'm 5'2")

    I love the nice tan color! I have another MMBJ bag in that color and it is a great neutral shade.

    Good luck with your decision, and let us know what you decide to purchase!
  8. I'm 5'1" and i own the huge hilliar.. I don't think it's too overwhelming on me.. the small was just too small for me... it'd look all mis-shapen with all my stuff in it...
    the huge has plenty of space w/ room to spare!

    side note: Raw sugar is a gorgeous color.. Please make sure you are aware that you'll most likely get some color transfer from wahtever you're wearing to the back of the bag... I find that this bag wears very close to the body... just be wary of very dark denim... maybe keep an eye on the back of the bag and clean it right away if you notice some transfer...