What colour should I get?

  1. Black, cognac, or honey? Have to decide on one by the end of this month. I wish I could buy all :amuse:
    Thanks for the opinions :biggrin:
  2. I vote for the cognac. It's such a beautiful color that I carry it with everything.
  3. If I decide on cognac, I'll be buying second hand one. I heard there's a problem with fading on the handle for the older cognac spies?
    And if I decide on black, I'll buy it from duty free :P
  4. I've heard about the problem with the cognac Spys, and I've heard that the honey Spys stain easily. I would get a black one.
  5. After all the stories I've heard, I'll go for either the black or...the dark brown.
  6. Cognac!!!:love:
  7. I just bought the 2007/1 Brown (it is almost black - certainly can't tell the difference in some lights) I posted another thread on here about spotting (couple of ones down from this one) Seems to be the general concessus that the dark brown ones should be fine

    I love it!!
  8. I would love to get the dark brown one. I love the honey too but I think I'd die when I would get my first stain so I wouldn't pick honey.
  9. The dark brown is a very rich color, cognac is also gorgeous! Either one should be fine or get them both! :graucho:
  10. I say Chocolate Brown
  11. Chocolate brown/black definitely. The depth of colour is amazing on the darker ones.
  12. I love the honey color - but it kill would me if it got dirty. So my vote is for the Chocolate color.
  13. Get the Cognac or Chocolate Brown--they won't stain & are prettiest!
  14. hmmm i like the cognac, but im also deciding whether to get the black or the cognac. either !!!!!
  15. My first choice is also the dark bown colour, but after that its the honey! I may be the only one who doesn't like the Cognac, and black is boring for me most of the time.