what colour should i get?

  1. Hi all, i'm a newbie in fendi forum... if i need to have the one and only spy bag, which material or colour will the the best?( need not to be the latest colour as i'm thinking of buying a pre-owned spy.) And i will be grateful if you all can post picture for me if possible. i prefer colour which easy to match. TIA:flowers:
  2. S - the color & such will depend on your lifestyle & wardrobe. Most PFers like the Nappa Leather bags. Black, Brown (chocolate), cognac, blueberry are good neutral colors. The zucca nappa is still the one I can't live without. Here are the list of colors of your use: http://pics.livejournal.com/fendi_spy_list/gallery/00007t80

  3. dear baglady, thanks for the wonderful link of the spy pictures! you are such a doll:flowers:
    well, now i have narrow down my list to either the brown spy, denim or if possible i will love to have the tulle spy as well(although it is not practical). I'm very girlie girl and i normally wear dresses. so i hope the spy will be a wise choice for me!:smile:
  4. You might want to consider the Wisteria spys or Squirrel spys (see these IRL - they have extensive embroidery & sparkles) if you are dressy. Have fun!

  5. baglady you are so right! i saw a squirrel spy in wash denim today IRL and it's absolutely stunning!!! but i just wonder how long do i need to wait for a pre-owned. Any idea how much roughly should it be for a pre-owned squirrel spy?:confused1:
  6. The question is not how much, as just finding one!!:crybaby:They are rarer then hens teeth, probably because no one wants to part with them....:p

    Most likely if one is found, it will be over a $1000 preowned...;)
    You might find this thread of interest....as squirrel spy bags from 2 years are discussed: http://forum.purseblog.com/fendi/whats-your-spys-name-172855.html
  7. Chocolate seems pretty from the pics I've seen. Very rich looking.
  8. at first i thought of that colour as well but i read somewhere they said the leather tend to fade after a while... so i don't know whether it is a good choice, no doubt the leather are so soft and nice!
  9. oh ya, besides i saw a squirrel spy in my local fendi boutique but too bad it is way too high for my budget! so too bad:crybaby::crybaby:just gotta wait a pre-owned, i hope i'm lucky enough to get one
  10. Cognac. End of discussion.

  11. I personally like the leather Spies best...the leather is just so scruptous! But no matter which Spy you end up choosing, You cant go wrong!