What COLOUR should i get for my first City ??

  1. I cant make up my mind about what colour I should get for my first B bag ? I have decided to go for a city, ( i was torn between either a twiggy or a city) and Black is the first colour that i thought of.....anyone has other colour suggestions ?? i tend to go for darker colours to co-ordinate with my wardrobe :p
  2. How about Plomb/steel a nice dark grey almost black. Anthracite Dark teal/green. These would be great choices.
  3. For a first bbag I would say Black ...or Violet :smile: !
  4. I vote black.=)
  5. I know I've said this a ton of times, but since I can't afford to have a bbag in all the colors that I would like to, I would go for a bright color. I think that you can get a nice black purse, very easily from any brand/designer. However, the bright colors that balenciaga makes are hardly seen in other designers.

    For my first bbag I went a for a blue, Aquamarine, I find that it complements nicely many colors.

    I would recommend either a blue, Aquamarine or Ocean, or tomato.

    Good luck! :heart:
  6. Well, you could also try standard neutral colors like Sienna/Cinnamon, or Truffle or even Cafe.. That could be the start.. Or yes, you could definitely stick to the black.
  7. Black I think is most practical, however in throwing practical out the window I would say the most stunning color is Emerald.
  8. hmmm.... black is really an essential when it comes to a Bbag collection but its available every season so you can always get that when you got the extra cash... how about browns? like the sienna or mogano this season? they both amazing colors esp the sienna! its vintagey and goes with everything! good luck!
  9. Hello, everyone. I'm new to the forum and am seriously researching as much as I can before finally splurging on a Balenciaga.

    Hope you don't mind me joining in this thread, but I'm having the same dilemma as the OP. I've decided on either a City or a Part-Time and, as I'll probably only be able to buy the one *sob*, I wanted to make sure I get a colour I'll adore and be able to use constantly.

    I'm thinking, like many of you, that the black is classic and will go with just about everything - but the colours are just so tempting!

    I wear mainly black, brown and grey in winter - maybe with a splash of red. In summer, I go for blue, green, red, a little pink thrown in. I'm often in jeans. Most of all, I'd want to make sure it goes with my black winter coat. My hair is blonde/dark blonde, skin pale and mainly blue eyes.

    Black's a safe bet, one of the greys (maybe steel) would also be safe, as would a tan/brown shade, but does anyone else have any other suggestions that I'd be able to get a lot of use out of, please?

    I love that ocean blue colour, but I'm really not sure it would go with most of my stuff.

    Any thoughts would be most appreciated.
  10. Oooh blimey! I've just seen the Rouille! Divine!

    You see what I mean, I am in such a colour dilemma! :lol:
  11. Hmmm....for a first bbag I would do it in this order: Some kind of blue (Aqua, NM's Blue, Ocean or Turquoise if you can find it). Then some kind of red (Rouge VIF, tomato or Rouge Theater). Then for a nice pop of color that is still "safe" I'd go for Sienna.

    But, if you could only have 1 bbag it should be black.
  12. The black is gorgeous, but I must admit that the Ink is really calling to me, maybe the Mogano too.

    I bet that, after all this agonising, I'll end up with the black after all!
  13. i've seen plomb & black irl and i thought black was nicer. so i would choose black over plomb.

    my ocean is on the dark side, but still vibrant & goes with alot..but there are colors she clashes with, so if you're worried about it matching with everything then black prob. is best. sandstone is also a great neutral that matches with most things, but it's harder to find.
  14. I'd say go with a staple black bag, as your 1st purchase.. it's a classic, & you cant go wrong with it, and then from there.. you could branch out to other colors. :smile:
  15. I got a Ivory first last night and its truelyt TDF