What colour shoes to wear with this dress?

  1. Hi ladies, i got this beautiful dress from Topshop for a 60th birthday party and i was wondering what colour shoes i should wear with it?
    Thanks in advance :tup:
  2. I think gold strappy heels would look great with it! Cute dress by the way! :smile:
  3. It's hard to tell from the pic, but it looks like there is some silver metallic in the dress. If that's the case a silver sandal would be nice. You could also do a nude sandal.
  4. cute dress. I think it would look HOT with some black pumps.
  5. beautiful dress !
  6. I think you could pull off some patent leather heels with that, black would look awsome.
  7. I would say grey or silver.
  8. i think gray or the metallic, i can't tell if it's silver or gold
  9. gold or silver strappy heels
  10. gold or silver metallic sandals...I wouldn't wear heels w/ this dress but thats just me :smile:
  11. I think a black or a white peep toe pump would look really cute.
  12. has to be a metallic silver/gray or gold, a peep too super cute or strappy. Love the dress.
  13. I think silver
  14. Silver heels!
  15. Beautiful dress.