What colour shoes to go with this dress?

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  1. I'll be attending a wedding in a few weeks. I've decided to wear this dress:

    I need help with finding the perfect pair of heels that will go well with this dress. I'm thinking a nude colour, but I find that a bit too monochromatic. I'm thinking a pair of black simple pumps, but I don't think they will work well together since I'll be wearing a white bag that day. I've been browsing the louboutin site for the past half hr and still have no luck! :crybaby:

    Hope to hear from you guys soon!

  2. I would wear something that's not nude...

    Gold, red, black are what comes to mind first...

    Good luck!
  3. I think a nude pair will go well with the dress. Personally, I wouldn't want to draw attention away from such a beautiful dress, so that's why I pick nude :P
  4. I would go with a simple pair of sexy CLs in either a darker brown or neutral color, a copper, or gold.
  5. Nude or Gold I'd say.
  6. Keep it tonal and go with nude or gold
  7. I would personally go with a Darker brown, bronze or nude.

  8. I second this!
    I think it would be much more interesting to wear shoes in colour rather than nude....I even think dark turquoise/petrol colour would look great.
  9. I would go for a gorgeous contrasting color like red, a warmer pink tone, etc. If you must do a neutral shoe, maybe something with interest like a metallic gold or champagne to keep it from looking too monochromatic! :smile:
  10. I would go with a bronze pair...
  11. I would do something with some color or metallic.. gold/bronze, pewter (depending on accessories) raspberry, wine (my current fav color this season), purple/eggplant..
  12. Gold or a BRIGHT BOLD colour.
  13. I agree!
  14. a metallic or something bold, if you do too nude, you`re going to be completely washed out.
  15. Gold- def