What Colour(s) will u shun when buying chanel bags??

  1. U see there are so many colours in chanel's range of bags, but I always find myself or others buying black,beige,white,navy blue,blush,red,bronze,..."safer" range of colours
    But in the perfo bag range...they hv green/blue & red & white combination etc.. I don't see myself buying these bag( in these colours)...is it just me or u gals have the same feeling???
  2. Colors that catches my eyes are usually gold, black, white and pink! I love those colors!
  3. I saw someone carrying the blue perfo and it looked REALLY nice irl.

    I would never buy a khaki/light brown chanel.
  4. Yellow and Orange
  5. greens, reds, orange...they can look great, but not on me.
  6. I have one brown Chanel bag but I don't think I'll ever buy another. Other than that, I'm pretty open to colors. I never thought I'd have a blue bag, but now I have a blue E/W!
  7. I only have Black Chanels
  8. ^I agree:jammin:
  9. I think it will be black just for awhile. Not that I do not like black, I like it too much, and I need some color in my handbag collection.
  10. Brown, i detest that color. Lols. Might work on others though.
  11. probably pink. i'm not a pink person, looks fab on others though.

  12. ^^Me too. As much as I like pink, because I'm a girly girl, I don't like the handbags in pink. It's just not me. Although my collection only includes black, I do need to add some color.
  13. don't like green (as in the new choice for spring)
  14. I'm not sure I would buy perfo at all. It seems like it could damage easily.
  15. Certain reds (only blood red, for me), white (it reminds me of a nurse- though it looks great on some people), pink (same, looks great on some people), yellow and maybe blue- not sure about that.

    I have all black so far, though I am looking at a beige Timeless tote w/silver hardware for spring/summer (more khaki with white, navy, pink and I think black would be too winter with those shades) and am on a waitlist for a red tote (Soho) when it ships. I see some great colors on other people, but I just can't carry it off (I don't think).