What Colour Nail Polish Are You Wearing ?

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  1. Right now I'm wearing a french manicure, and for a pedicure, I'm wearing Creme Baby Blue, by Pure Ice.

    What colour nail polish are you wearing ?
  2. OPI Red - fingers & toes
  3. OPI "Red-y To Help" on pedi...nothing on fingernails. I am afraid if I use color it will stain my nails, so I only do my toes now.
  4. Opi Designer Silver Shimmer nails and some apricot shade from Sephora pedi
  5. french manicure on both toes and finger nails.
  6. me too:biggrin:
  7. MAC Dark Angel. OPI Black Satin on the toes.
  8. Black Cherry--toes and fingernails
  9. me too :amuse:
  10. Essie Mademoiselle on both fingers & toes... I go through jars of the stuff:love:
  11. mani = clear
    pedi = OPI Designer Series Exclusive
  12. manicure...just buffed

    pedicure...heavenly sunset (I believe)
  13. mani - Lancome in papaya
    pedi - Chanel (it's a light pink color)
  14. Mani- No polish
    Pedi- Essie Mack(?)
  15. mani & pedi in "Boogie"
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