What colour might this Bow be?

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  1. Hello everyone! I usually hide over in Mulberry, but I have fallen head over heels for the beautiful Miu Miu Bow! Have been hunting around the threads here drooling over all the gorgeous photographs!

    I have a Bow reserved for me at Selfridges in 'Tan' which I am hoping to go and see on Saturday, was just wondering what colour this might be? Have seen lots of various browns around the forum! The SA said it was beautiful, and I am sure it is.. but I am so impatient!

    If anyone has a photo or an idea of what colour I might be waiting for I would love to see, I am so excited!! :yahoo:
  2. The Link isn't working but I have found the one you mean, that is very pale I would have thought 'Tan' would be a deeper shade! She did say they only had this tan and black in and that they were still awaiting the seasonal colours, don't know if that helps.. do they have a staple brown which runs season to season?
  3. hm, not that i know.
    maybe she meant the color sughero.
    have a look at that link that an other tpf member created (i hope its working this time)

    if its not the new season im guessing for sughero?
  4. That link is for the Beige one. I've seen this IRL and it's lovely but very light.

    Hello Miss Mabel!!!!
  5. ooo, the rosso is TDF
  6. Hey Tiree :yahoo: They had the Rosso at Harrods when I rang..
  7. OMG, don't tell me that, lol. If I thought I would get a good price for my red Roxy I would buy it but they aren't reaching a very high price at all at the mo. And, I certainly don't need 2 bags.
  8. Tiree, sorry to have to tell you this but... it was cheaper than my reserved one too I think :P There have been lots of fake red Roxy's around recently, you might get a good price as yours is divine!
  9. so the rosso bow was on sale? ;)

    btw is that "sughero" color the one you are looking for?
  10. Maybe Lisie, they only had that and orange when I rang.

    I am just looking for a versatile colour, as I know I will want to get lots of use out of my Bow. So browns/greys/ blues would be best. I love the denim colour they had in a previous season. Nothing too pale, I wear a lot of denim and would worry about colour transfer, also I would baby a pale bag to death :P
  11. U like :smile:?


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  12. You are SUCH a tease :drool: :sweatdrop: :drool: