What colour lipstick? & Bad experience at cosmetics counter.

  1. Hiya!
    Well first off
    I need a new lipstick but i really don't know what colour to get! i have Blonde hair and i'm my mid teens
    I have always got pale coloured lipstick cause i think it suits my face but as people keep pointing out (:rolleyes: ) i look washed out. I have always been comfortable with that but i think i need abit more colour , But i don't know what i should try Reds? Pinks? i want some colour but not the sort of shade that makes me look like i just raided my moms make-up draw! I was thinking of maybe trying a peach colour? Suggestions please? :smile:

    2nd part
    Bad experience at cosmetics counter

    Okay i live in the Uk and i decided i wanted a day out to myself so i went shopping about a hour away from where i live . So anyway i went to a Sorta popular department store and i went to look at cosmetics (searching for a new shade of lipstick ^^^) so i went up to CHANEL first because they almost have every colour except pale shades! and there was a oldish woman working there and i waited at the desk and when she came over after talking to some others i asked for assistance and she looked straight past me and started sorting the draws of make-up i was shocked! :wtf: i said "Excuse me can you help me" no reply. She continued. So i walked away in disgust. I went to the YSL cosmetics desk asked another woman. No reply. I then went to the other cosmetics desks and they were all Ignoring me!!! I was stunned its like i wasnt there or i was speaking a different language! I was dressed in some expensive clothes and carrying a huge Lv so i Had money to spend , So i stood there watching them for about 30mins (was boiling outside and this place had air-con and i also wanted to see how they treated every one else + The bus wasnt coming for another 1hour!) they served the Older people (well older then me!) so after the served the other person i walked up to the counter again they walked away! I felt like screaming! so i phoned my brother as i walked out almost in tears! i felt so poorly treated . I kept thinking YOUR ONLY SALES PEOPLE WHAT MAKES THEM THINK THEY CAN TREAT ME LIKE THIS??! or anyone this way! I started to consider the fact that maybe it was my age? I wrote a complaint to them , and they basically want me to name and shame. I felt like saying "I shop at selfridges alot , they have WAY better quality items, And yet they couldnt do more to help me when i'm there..." This isnt the first time they have treated me badly at this store i wont be shopping there EVER again.
    Sorry for the long rant i just wanted to let it out.

  2. Oh Kaiie,
    I'm so sorry you have experienced that kind of treatment. :cursing: Unfortunately, you are not alone. I have gone through that many times before, and until recently, have had the nerve to be outfront and open about it. I just confront them politely, and there's usually a nice one among the bunch and that's when I vent and then buy a whole bunch of things from her/him. I just got back from Bloomies where I bought over $150 in cosmetics from this terrific guy. The nice ones are rare. And yes, I too feel like I need to dress up for them to treat me well.

    Hang in there, and keep writing your letters to the managers or try to set up a time for them to be there while you go shopping for cosmetics again. Maybe they can observe the very poor customer service their employees exhibit to selective customers.
  3. Thanks for your kind words!
    When my dad told me that he got badly treated in shops when he was a teenager i was like "No but it's different now days" but i suppose i learned the hard way, I don't think it's fair on anyone to be treated like that their Job is to help people i really couldnt belive it, i hope the manager does something about them .
    anyway i hope you have a great weekend
  4. The best lipstick colors for us all are the ones that most closely match the color of our lips, or are in that same color family.

    What I would do is go to the drugstore and get a few inexpensive glosses with just a bit of color.

    Wet n' Wild Megaplump #587 has a hint of very clear pink that looks good on just about everybody. It's a good everyday gloss for a natural look. LOL I didn't mean that to sound so much like a commercial, I have been watching way too much ANTM! :smile:

    Anyway, despite the name, it does not plump, but it does have a nice cinnamon smell, and it only costs about $2

    That's my favorite, but there are lots of others, and you can experiment with different shades, and different levels of color to see which ones look best on you.

    Drugstores are also good places to find little "pallettes" with lots of different colors in one package!

  5. ooh thanks for the tip ! Don't we all watch too much ANTM :sad: i'm sure i've learnt enough from that to do a comerical to! I'm going to head down to my drug store in aminute and find some stuff :nuts:
  6. Hi, Kaiie!
    I HIGHLY recommend Bamboo Pink by Clinique.
    Trust me. I get compliments ALL THE TIME and from your description, we have VERY similar coloring!
    Good luck and let me know what you think!
  7. I can totally relate to your lipstick horror story!
    I have been searching for years for the right color and I just found it at the Chanel counter, the color is Giggle!
    I'm have fair skin, and I llike lipstick that that doesn't scream color, so the nude/blush gloss is perfect for my skin type. Check it out!
  8. aw i feel so sorry for you. i hate bad service.
    have you tied cliniques almost lipstick or sheer lipstick. the respberry shades are very nice and i little sheer, very pretty. i like moisture sheer in pink charm.
  9. I also recommend Clinique. I think that is where most of us started out when we were younger too, so the counter ladies there I always found a little more pleasant. They also have testers out and don't make it hard to try stuff yourself.

    Good luck! Even as nicely-dressed adults we don't always get good service ... sad that your first experience was so unpleasant.
  10. Current mood I am in...

    If that happen to me today, I'll get the manager (or the mall's manager or whoever in charge) on through the cell phone (don't even ask them those ass holes).. and have a wonderful talk (I'll tell them it is about some serious issues "potential law-suit stuff" like discrimination) that get some of these old people fired.

    Sorry.. I am normally nice, but today I have BF issues... felt like seriously denting his chequebook and then some.
  11. Oh! Such a bad story!
  12. I love pale lips, too. You can always wear pale lipstick (Especially when you're young!!!) just make sure your eyes are dressed up a bit to balance you out! If you're like me, and I am in my 40's, I have always worn pale lips and pronounced eyes, it may be a look you will always feel comfortable with. Just make sure not to skip the eyeshadow!

    But on the other hand my favorite dark lipstick (The only one I wear!) is MAC "O". I love it for any film or print work I appear in and when I wear it for everyday I always skip the eyeshadow (I tend to do the overstated Pamela Anderson cat eye stuff! YUMMY!) and just wear a bit of mascara and black eyeliner.

    And as for the cosmetics counters....they didn't think you had money! Bottom line!! I remember once when Angel by Theirry Muglier first came out and the only place you could buy it was I think Saks 5th Avenue. Well, my husband and I rode our Harley to the mall, strode in in our leathers (I looked like a total biker dirt bag), and I proceeded to the counter. Well not only did they IGNORE me but the girl went to help someone who came to the counter after I did!! Finally, the girl who stands at the door with the basket of perfume samples left her post, came behind the counter and apologised for the other girl ignoring me (By this time she was standing at the other side of the counter daydreaming and staring off into Mall Space) and asked if she could help me. I told her yes, that I would like a bottle of Angel.....make it the LARGE bottle and that I would be paying CASH!!!!!! When I said that the other woman tried to come over and I just blew her off like she had done me!! Lesson learned: Never judge a book by it's cover!!!!!!!