What Colour Is Your Hair ?


What colour is your Hair ?

  1. Black

  2. Brown

  3. Blonde

  4. Red

  5. Light Brown

  6. Auburn

  7. Other

  8. Grey

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. What colour is you hair ?

    Mine is jet black. :heart:
  2. I'm a brunette :heart::heart:
  3. Dark brown
  4. light brown....whole head of highlights...so kind of blonde!
  5. light brown without highlights:biggrin:
  6. dark brown (chesnut)
  7. Currently my hair is med. blonde on top and dark brown underneath.
  8. My hair used to be jet black and the sun got to it and now i'm more of a dull black so I dyed it a dark brown with plum hue to it.
  9. originally black black but i am a blonde now to be precise a hazelnut brown with loads of highlight in 5 shades of blonde
    but i am changing all the time :biggrin:
  10. i'm a brunette
  11. Red hot roots that blends into a happy pink!
  12. Light brown with highlights :o)
  13. blondish. you can never be too rich, too thin or too blonde! :smile:
  14. Dark brownish-red, I voted on auburn in the poll, never am sure what auburn means.
  15. Red