What colour is your bedroom walls?

  1. Since I am now single, I think I should redecorate lol, I just need a few suggestions :smile:
  2. i have pale blue walls with a cream carpet and ceiling and brown velvet curtains and chair and cream bedding. i love the colour scheme.

    sorry to hear you had a break up. hope you are ok
  3. thanks sweetie, sounds gorgeous! I was thinking light blue too or maybe a light green :smile:
  4. beige walls with white trim and moldings, dark wood floors

    nothing but white bedding, i like to feel like i am sleeping in a cloud
  5. Mine is light blue with hand painted white clouds. Kinda dorky, but very cute! :smile:
  6. I like white. It's plain, but it looks fresh.
  7. Burgandy and creamy vanilla beige walls/molding with dark wood floors.
    Themed kinda like a Vampire vacationing off the coast of somewhere in Greece. It works. Sorry about your breakup. Redecorating and change is always good for these type of situtations.:yes:
  8. "pumpkin" colored walls w/maroonish curtains.
  9. I just re-decorated my bedroom, it's now 'Ghost' which is like a pale lilac with a daker purple feature wall.
  10. Ohh, that sounds lovely! I have white walls, which I think can also look clean and refreshing.
  11. What walls, gray carpet. I think when my fiance and I get married I will make him redecorate his entire apartment. I actually cant wait! I think that chocolate brown with light blue is always pretty for bedding, but my mom thinks it looks to masculine.
  12. Mine is a pale purple. But once I move (whenever that is) I think I will go for a pale green or a very pale taupe/yellow. I really like colors that brighten the room.
  13. My bedroom walls are raspberry.
  14. that sounds so nice.
    im thinking of changing the blue walls to a light pistachio green.
  15. our master bedroom walls are a camel color.