what colour is this?

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  1. hey guys could you please tell me if this is a tan or whiskey? they both look kinda different, and will i still be able to buy it? thank you ;)



    also i have been hearing on here that chloe are terrible when it comes to repairing their bags and that quite a few of you had problems, so im kinda confused about whether to buy it or not, also i know i am like 2 years late.lol:confused1:
  2. anyone??????!
  3. This is tan, not whiskey :yes:
  4. 1st pic looks remarkably like Whiskey...compared to her brown boots it look just how my whiskey looks when i wear mine with my brown boots. The orange tones are unmistakeable, i'm sure!:Push:

    2nd pic looks like Tan. :yes:

    I don't personally know about Chloe's customer care, though i have heard of a couple of bad experiences.
    But, tbh, the need for after sales care *should* be few and far between, with such a high quality, expensive bag!:yes:
  5. I agree with Chicky- 1st pic looks like whiskey, and 2nd looks like tan.
  6. It's tan, i believe an 05 tan... i remember seeing her pictured along w/ Mischa and Nicole who both have Tan paddys.
  7. Ok, forget the handbag for a moment. Why is it that I think Orlando is just so fricking HOT! HE is so scruffy in that pic, and STILL looks hot. Damn.
  8. ^^^^^^ LOL Jag!!!! he is yummy though
  9. I swear! Must be all that turkey I ate yesterday. I am just looney today!
  10. I agree with all the above, #1 sure looks like whiskey, #2 appears to be tan and Orlando is hot!
  11. lol @ jag!!!:yahoo:
    I agree, Orlando does look pretty hot there...better than he did with long blonde hair in LOTR, i must admit.;)
  12. :graucho: :nuts:

    P.S sorry to hijack your thread laurenlauren:shame: hey i guess it is still 'on topic'...;) :P

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  13. lol yess he is very hot, and thank you for the answers! you guys think the bag is worth it? i am very late i know, but have only started admiring chloe bags recently
  14. I know the colours look different, but they are definitely both tan ;)

    The kate bosworth piccie was released when the tan first came out, Whiskey had definitely not been released at that point. She is out in the bright daylight, but its still an 05 tan bag, whereas the 2nd picture is taken in a darker environment.
  15. oh wow chloe babe, if you were here, you could hear me breathe in relief!
    the 1st pic has been the kind of color I've been wanting my paddy to have.
    when I got my tan, although I love the color, it's lighter than what I expected, but whiskey's too dark. turns out tan has different shades in different light. I'm glad I bought tan.